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How lengthy would it take to mow 6 acres with a 420 through a 60" deck? over there is around 5 or 6 tree in the field.
Four hrs with dried grass, number 1.25 to 1.5 acres per hour sphere park v a 60 inch deck. The mower you space looking at is a 1984 if the is the one through the 285XXX serial number. That hour count is ~ above the short side however possible, it would rely on how numerous times a year the mowed the area. Additionally if it has actually a 50 inch deck number 1.0 to 1.25 acre per hour.
Yea, detective that"s the one. I was wonder if the hrs where true. I check out you have a 420. Do you think it mows as great as the 48 and 50 customs deck that course ns only have actually 3/4 acres might be overkill. (Message edited through torino on in march 10, 2008)
Deere says with a 50" deck girlfriend should gain 2.1 acres per hour and 2.5 v a 60" deck both a 5 mph. (from the 1987 man Deere Ground care Equipment to buy Guide) I have actually no endure with the 60", yet I understand with a 318 and also 50" I have the right to mow 1.8 acre in about an hour and also a half, no in any kind of hurry and bagging it and emptying that 3-4 times, roughly 20 trees, crossing a bridge to perform a little section, and thru a small gate come the ago half. Quite hilly too... The really counts on exactly how well your deck cuts, what you room cutting, and how fast you deserve to go and get a clean cut...but i think Deere is nice darn close with their numbers based on my experience mowing v that deck/tractor combo because that the last 21 years...
Jim B87 318 - 49 snow Thrower, 54 Blade, 30 Hydraulic Tiller w/my 3-point bracket, 50" Deck w/JRCO dare Bagger2 80 carts and also a 17AT cart.18 2025R - 120R Loader, 260B Backhoe, Titan Forks, Imatch, my load bracket.
I can never get any kind of where close come 5 mph cutting. It just does not execute a an excellent job. I can get about 3 to 3.5 mile an hour through the high background blades. Ns am happy v the cut quality, yet can no compare it to a 48 or 50 inch deck. Both mine 420 and 430 have actually 60 inch MM decks. I have a 260 rear end up mower I usage occasionally, this in reality can get into the 5+ MPH range, it has actually a greater blade guideline speed since it is old enough to be prior to the lawyers began working in the engineering department in ~ JD.

With that lot to mow, i would suggest a Zero revolve mower. I have actually an off color ZTR and also it cut my mowing time in half. Plus, it is a blast to drive. The fence is, they are only a mowing machine. But, boy room they fast.
I agree v Doug...much faster. Heck, girlfriend can get a pretty Gravely homeowner collection for a pair grand this days through a 50 miscellaneous deck... I will certainly say, through the std blades I had to walk a little slower...I have actually the Gators on it now and the rate up pulley, perhaps thats why i can get close come 5 and also still acquire a good cut... Now if its damp, well, I pick a different day to mow! (Message edited through Lodogg2221 on march 10, 2008)
Jim B87 318 - 49 snow Thrower, 54 Blade, 30 Hydraulic Tiller w/my 3-point bracket, 50" Deck w/JRCO cart Bagger2 80 carts and a 17AT cart.18 2025R - 120R Loader, 260B Backhoe, Titan Forks, Imatch, my load bracket.
I got around 1.75 acres per hour v a 50" deck on my old 330. Also with an turn off brand through 52" deck was the same ratio. That"s at about 3.5 MPH. I"m curious to check out what this 430 v 60" deck with be. However really i don"t care because the more seat time, the better... Charlie
I don"t recognize a brand-new zero revolve or a used 420. A zero turn would be nice however think I would go because that the 420.

1964 - 1101967 - 112H1988 - 318 - to buy new1987 - 4201992 - 955 v 70A loader1958 - 6301960 - 530
My 330 w/ 50" deck and also speed up wheel does a really nice job as lengthy as girlfriend don"t go too fast. Mine JD f680 ztrak with a 54" 7-iron deck will literally reduced circles approximately it(8mph) and also leave a lot nicer cut, also if grass is wet. Cut my mowing time indigenous 8 hrs down to under 5.
It additionally depends on just how rough the area you room mowing is. The 420 will be more comfortable in bumpy areas than a ZTR. I understand from endure that in stormy yards, ZTRs can be kidney busters if you shot to mow in ~ the speeds they are qualified of.

I marketed my 112 and now have a 400. Ns mow around 1.5 acre. I have yet to use the 400 as it arrived in November. Ns hope to cut my lawn in about 1.5 hour. However, this 400 will certainly be so much fun, ns will most likely be uncovered cutting my neighbors lawn. And also his neighbors too.

Tim, If you choose zero turn but you additionally want a tractor, the AWS tractors are more than likely what you want. I have a 425 v AWS and I have lots the trees. It reduced my mow time in half. I have a 54" deck which has an 8" transforming radius but the 60" is intend to be zero! It has actually lots the power and actually go a better job cutting grass 보다 my 318 with the 50" deck. Both have actually gator blades. Jim A.

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GP - Man full tilt 7 mph ~ above the 430 7.2 mph by the calculation.... Making use of a 55" pass, if you get the complete 60" climate you gained 6.75 mph. Thats moving. Just how does the cut look? my 420 mows about 1.5 acre in 50 minutes and also the 430 does it in about 40 minutes. Both have actually 60" decks yet with the torque of the diesel you deserve to go alittle faster. The suspension seat helps cushion the drive too.
I mow and also bag about 1.2 acres and also with dumping and everything I get it excellent in around 50 minute through my 430 and the 60" deck. Now the rest of the mowing take around 3 hours roughly buildings and also up and down hills oh and also 3/4 mile follow me the road. Stack The grass is greening below in Iowa!!!

When we catch grass us mow in low, 5.5 MPH. Drop clippings and also no factor to go much less than 10 MPH. 318 will only go 7. We mow full speed many of time, as lengthy as you have the right to stay on, part time you need to stand up and ride favor a horse. Gp