Nebraska Road trip Shocks

Hey there, other travelers! Today, we’re talking around travel in Nebraska. This component of the Midwest is regularly referred to as “flyover country” and many Midwesterners groan about the long drive throughout Nebraska to obtain to the hill West. Us drove across Nebraska this summer, and there were some things that surprised united state on our Nebraska roadway trip.


Nebraska Food

Nebraska has invented part pretty tasty treats end the years and has managed to keep few of them mystery from the remainder of the world. The Reuben Sandwich and Kool-Aid both come from Nebraska. They also really like their Dorothy Lynch dressing. The a Nebraska staple, comparable to French dressing, but they put it ~ above everything!

Simply Jocelyn share the finest things come eat in Nebraska!

Ask any kind of Nebraska native what food they miss most from home, and also many will say “Runza.” A Runza is a beef and also cabbage sandwich, or bread pocket. There’s even a fast-food chain dubbed Runza. You have to try one once you visit Nebraska.

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We really took pleasure in our Nebraska road trip this summer.

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Sure, we didn’t deliberately visit Nebraska, however we made sure to check out a little bit of the state rather than simply passing through. I’m so glad we did! Interested in an ext Midwest travel destinations? examine out these other blog posts: