This is a shot of our copper diamond shingles just after environment on a home in the san Francisco bay area. Therapies to save the copper shiny and new-looking room available, but without them, copper roof systems, prefer this handsome task in California, develop a differentiated patina that provides each job truly custom. Here"s what you need to know around the copper roof patina process.

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Will it go green?It"s remarkably common to hear human being ask around copper roof alternatives and whether a patina is inevitable. The answer is yes - eventually.When a new copper roof is an initial exposed come the elements, that usually has the figure of a new penny – plus a few hand and foot prints! However, gift a natural metal, copper will soon react come its environment and began oxidizing.During the first couple of months that exposure, a copper roof will begin to darken and also develop a dirty grayish-brown tone that it will store for part time come come. Imagine one old copper penny and also you"ve obtained an idea the a copper roof developing its protective and distinctive patina.So as soon as does it go green? Copper goes green and also turquoise after an extensive exposure to moisture. Without accelerating the process, it can actually take twenty years or more in dried climates for this patina to develop.Can you advice the copper roof patina process?Yes. It"s well-known for world coveting that old copper roof appearance to use synthetic aging solutions. These are concoctions of soft acids and also other chemistry that considerably age the copper in a short time – typically a day or two once applied. They have the right to be applied before or ~ a copper roof is installed, and depending on the skill and experience of the applicator, they can instantly replicate the figure of a copper roof through decades and decades of exposure.

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Here"s an example of a brand new, hard copper diamond shingle roof hand-treated for the distinctive patina prior to installation. MRN owner, chris Testa, spent number of days treating these beautiful diamond shingles to attain this centuries-old appearance.

Here"s the rub - yes sir nothing favor the look at of a genuine copper roof, and also artificially aging copper roofs is as much art as science. Don"t invest a bundle top top a copper roof and also then hire simply anyone to advice the copper roof patina procedure for you!

Interested in copper roofing? We"ve obtained solid copper in tiles, shakes and shingles, panels and these beautiful diamond shingles. Feel cost-free to contact or fill the end our call form, and also we"ll it is in happy to chat about our favorite material!