ns tried in search of this online, however after a couple of minutes i couldn"t uncover a conclusive answer. Does anyone know how long the lasts?

That is if I write a article in lemon on a item of paper, save it in a cupboard for x months/years, just how long till the article will be lost?


interesting question. I virtually suspect that won’t. The mountain will most likely discolor the document eventually from organic oxidization. Much much slower than a direct heat source. I wonder if it’s to be tested with other substances or if older books with acidic media can be provided as close enough examples.
I think the concealed message won"t it is in lost, the will end up being visible instead.

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I don"t have any kind of practical experiences after what time the article will come to be visible, but I"m sensibly sure it relies on the kind of document you used and also under which conditions the file is stored.

Lemon juice as "invisible ink" works by oxidizing the paper, which increases it"s ageing. Using heat further speeds up the chemical reaction.

If you put a blank sheet of paper on a hot plate, it will certainly eventually come to be brown. The parts where you used lemon juice discolor much faster, which provides the secret message visible. It"s not the lemon juice the gets brown, it"s the record itself that does.

If you don"t proactively accelerate the reaction by applying heat, the lemon juice will certainly react v the record much slower. Direct sunlight and a hot environment would probably make the post visible within a year. In a cool and also dark warehouse the message could stay concealed for several years.

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