One the the most frightening parts of gift arrested for DUI is being sent to jail. In most DUI arrests, the driver is organized in jail because that at the very least a small while. Exactly how long this lasts, and what it takes to get out, counts on the details of your case.

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Note: This article is about being organized in prison after your arrest—before you’ve had your trial. This is different than being convicted and sentenced to jail. You deserve to learn around DUI sentences consisting of jail time here.

Getting “Booked” because that a DUI in Los Angeles

In virtually all DUI cases, once you room arrested you will certainly be required to a police terminal or Sheriff’s station for processing. The only exception is if friend were injured in a crash as component of the DUI. In that case you will be taken to a hospital instead. You will still have to confront the legal process associated v DUI, yet you will certainly receive medical treatment first.

Once at the station the police will certainly likely lug out several steps:

question you. Take away your driver’s license, provide you a temporary license, and also advise you the your license will certainly be suspended. You have actually only 10 work to challenge this.

They might put girlfriend in a jail cabinet at any point during this process.

Be aware that a neighborhood jail is not a prison. That is a tiny facility the holds people only temporarily. Regional jails are considered “nicer” than state prisons, because:

many of the individuals organized there space in because that minor charges. They space not hardened criminals. Regional jails have actually a call for being safer. You room close to your family and community, not hours away.

But yes nothing nice about spending time in jail. You have no privacy, couple of luxuries and the endure is uncomfortable and also intimidating. The much less time you spend there, the better.

Do I acquire Out the very same Day, or the next Day?

Most DUI cases do not need bail. You will be released once the police room done handling you. This have the right to take much longer or shorter depending ~ above the circumstances.

You will certainly be released the same day if police are able to process you quickly. Your opportunities are better during the daytime, because an ext personnel are on duty in ~ the station. Yet often, police are in no hurry. Also when castle have every little thing they need from you, it can take increase to 4 hours to actually be released.

In many instances you will certainly be organized overnight and released the next day. This is most typical if you space arrested throughout the evening or at night. Unfortunately, this is when many DUI arrests occur. The police room under no duty to relax you till morning.

Either way, you have the right to be the end within 24 hours of her arrest. If no bail is required, you will certainly be exit on her “own recognizance” or “OR.” This way you officially promise to go back to court when scheduled. You room then cost-free to go.

Making Bail because that a California DUI

In some cases the jail employee will recognize you cannot be released without bail. This will certainly depend largely on her criminal record. Bail for Los Angeles DUI cases starts at $5,000 and also can be much more. (There is a finish DUI bail list here under section 23152(a-d).)

Bail is not a fine. that money you offer to the court as a guarantee the you will certainly return. If friend return the money is given earlier to you, even if you’re uncovered guilty.

Most individuals need to borrow money to do bail. This is well-known as a bail bond. Usually you will have to pay a 10% fees on a bail bond. Therefore if bail was set at $5,000, you will certainly pay $500 to the bail link company.

If friend fail to appear in court, the courts store the money. You will need to repay the bail bond firm out the pocket.

Making bail sound intimidating, yet it’s easy. A family members member can call a bail bond agency and get it done in much less than 30 minutes.

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If girlfriend cannot do bail or if bail is denied to you, view What if ns can’t make bail?

The first thing you have to do once released native jail is speak to a DUI lawyer. You have only 10 days to fight for your driver’s license, and as little as a mainly to setup for your an initial court hearing. Permit us put you in touch through a qualified, competent Los Angeles DUI lawyer. We’ll complement you through a lawyer who provides a 100% complimentary consultation. Fill the end the kind to the right and get her consultation today.