Incubating peafowl egg is exciting and frustrating. Successfully incubating peafowl eggs starts prior come the peahens laying the eggs. The peafowl need to be healthy and fed on game breeder for at the very least a month prior to the breeding season. We relocate our birds onto game breeder food in February. This has actually a higher protein level and also calorific worth to acquire the peafowl in optimum health.

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Worm peafowl at the very least one month prior to the breeding season, we typically worm the whole muster (Group the peafowl) during the critical week of February/ first week the March. Healthy worm cost-free peafowl will certainly lay healthy and balanced peafowl eggs v the finest chance of flower .

Remove egg from the peahens daily. Mark each egg because that identification v pencil details include the place date and also parentage. Create on both end in situation one note gets rubbed turn off accidentally.

Clean the peafowl eggs in luke warm water or egg disinfection and also then retained in cool dry problems for increase to 7 days. Maintaining the eggs for much longer than seven days will minimize the fertility and hatch rates of the peafowl eggs. Turn the eggs daily whilst they space waiting to go into the incubator.

We collection all our egg in the incubator once a mainly on the exact same day each week for this reason we always know which job the eggs space hatching.

How to incubate peafowl eggs

Lay the eggs down long ways into the trays. My incubators have actually an automatically turner which transforms the eggs every 45 minutes. For sure the egg turner is switched ~ above and turning regularly.

I collection the incubator at 37.5 levels with 60 levels humidity because that 26 days. At 26 job I relocate the peafowl egg to the flower unit, mitigate the temperature to 36.5 degrees and also turn the humidity approximately 90 degrees.

The enhanced humidity is vital to prevent the membranes from drying out throughout the hatching. I leave the chicken in the hatcher because that 24 hrs until they deserve to stand prior to removing them come a brooder.

If you execute not have actually a hatcher relocate the peafowl egg to the bottom of the incubator wherein the temperature is cooler or mitigate the temperature if it is a smaller sized incubator. Carry out not revolve the eggs during last few days to enable the chicken to orientate because that hatching.

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The eggs will hatch between 27 to 30 days dependant ~ above the temperature the eggs have actually been retained at. The hot the temperature the earlier the eggs will certainly hatch and the colder the temperature the later on the eggs will certainly hatch.