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Girl enlightenment cookies space delicious yet the cookie season is far too short. Share up now and you have the right to freeze Girl Scout cookies to enjoy later!


It’s Girl reconnaissance cookie season. It’s a very delicious way to assistance the Girl Scouts yet it’s not the ideal if you room trying come eat junk food in moderation.

If girlfriend have reduced cookies the end of your diet or simply have no control about them you have the right to make a donation instead. It’s a great way to still aid without the temptation.

If girlfriend can control moderation girlfriend can also freeze Girl scout cookies. This is a an excellent way to spread them out and also have cookies long after cookie season ends.

How perform You frozen Girl scout Cookies?

Girl reconnaissance cookie box actually have a “use or freeze by” day on the box, unless that variety is not recommended for freezing. You desire to make certain you freeze them by that date for maximumfreshness.

If you room freezing Girl Scout cookies that haven’t to be open simply keep lock in the initial packaging. Leave an are between each box if possible.

If you space freezing an opened up package or desire to freeze tiny amounts, just use a freezer bag or airtight glass container. Make sure to label the containers through the kind of cookie and the day you froze them.

The cookies are finest if consumed in ~ 3 month of freezing. They are safe lot longer yet they will taste the finest if lock aren’t frozen much longer than 3 months.

Thin Mints room deliciouswhen consumed straight out that the freezer, which is a little dangerous if you room freezing castle to assist yourself not eat together many.

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Where to can You discover Girl enlightenment Cookies?

If you don’t currently have someone to buy Girl enlightenment cookies find places they will be sold in your area ~ above the Girl Scouts’ website. Friend can also order Girl enlightenment Cookies virtual now.

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Moderation is constantly important with a healthy diet but in most cases, it’s fine come treat yourself from time to time. I love to use Girl Scout cookie as a treat because I’m additionally helping to assistance young girls.

Freezing Girl Scout cookie make this less complicated and way I gain to enjoy the cookies also longer!

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