Those of us who love cheese love the versatility, taste, and also creaminess the it provides. Over there are countless kinds of cheeses that we deserve to enjoy, with one of the finest being cottage cheese.

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Cottage cheese is a cheese that we have the right to use in various ways. From utilizing it top top a sandwich to including it right into a salad or using it in baking, that is fantastic addition to any type of kitchen. The just thing that you might be concerned about is whether cottage cheese walk bad.

Does head Cheese go Bad?

Cottage cheese walk bad, and also it becomes an extremely unpleasant come consume as soon as it has come to be spoiled. Due to the fact that cottage cheese is a dairy product, it doesn’t have an extensive shelf life because dairy products are really sensitive to bacterial contamination.

Once her cottage cheese shows indications of contamination, the is ideal not to consume any of it. Although over there is a finest by day on the container the your head cheese comes in, a couple of factors can influence the freshness of her cottage cheese.

Some that these components you deserve to control, such as exactly how you keep your cottage cheese, and also some you have no manage over, because that example, exactly how long your cottage cheese to be on the shelf at the store.

Knowing how long head cheese commonly lasts and how come spot cottage cheese the has end up being spoiled will aid you avoid disappointing situations when you room looking front to making use of your head cheese.

How lengthy Does cottage Cheese Last?


Like most food products, the top quality of head cheese beginning to decline the minute you open the container. If your cottage cheese is unopened, it have the right to last well and also even succeed past the finest by date printed top top the container if you keep it correctly.

However, when you open up your cottage cheese, your window for enjoying it while still fresh is lot shorter. Unopened head cheese can last for up to 10 days previous the finest by day on the packaging if you save your cottage cheese in the fridge and also keep the in the freezer because that up to 3 months.

Unfortunately, your pantry isn’t an ideal place to save your cottage cheese due to the fact that it will spoil an extremely quickly. Opened up cottage cheese can last between seven and ten work in her fridge and also up to eight mainly in the freezer.

How long Does cottage Cheese Last?

Unopened, stored in the fridge10 days past ideal by date
Opened, stored in the fridge7 days
Unopened, save in the freezer3 months
Opened, stored in the freezer8 weeks

4 advice to tell if head Cheese has Gone Bad


Cottage cheese has numerous benefits that make it an excellent ingredient to have actually in her home. However, because it is cheese, it doesn’t critical for prolonged amount of time.

It is fantastic to know just how to tell if your cottage cheese has actually gone negative because that will help prevent friend from adding it to dishes and spoiling your taste. Due to the fact that cottage cheese gets contaminated by bacteria, part signs display that head cheese has actually gone bad. Here are four tips to tell if her cottage cheese has gone bad:

Look at your cottage cheese

Cottage cheese should have a white color, and if you buy smooth head cheese, that should show up smooth. If girlfriend purchased a chunky-style head cheese, it must not appear overly chunky since that will indicate that it has actually gone bad.

Therefore, your cottage cheese have to look the exact same as once you purchase it. Any changes in appearance will certainly be a authorize that her cottage cheese has gone previous its best. If her cottage cheese shows any type of signs that organic development or mold, you have to not eat it.

Cottage cheese can additionally lose moisture as it it s okay spoiled, for this reason if her cottage cheese appears to be very watery, the is far better not come eat it. Lastly, if your cottage cheese has changed color, the is best not to eat it.

Smell her cottage cheese

Cottage cheese has a very light, contempt cheesy aroma. If you uncover that her cottage cheese has actually an too many pungent tart smell, that is ideal not come eat it. An unpleasant smell is one indicator the your head cheese isn’t going come taste nice.

The structure of the cottage cheese

As discussed before, her cottage cheese should not readjust in the texture. Chunky cottage cheese can become even more chunky as time passes, indicating the it isn’t new anymore. Likewise, smooth cottage cheese the has end up being grainy should not be consumed as it isn’t new anymore. If you uncover that her cottage cheese has end up being dried the end or difficult to eliminate from the container, it has gone previous its best.

Taste her cottage cheese

Cottage cheese has actually a light and creamy taste. If you take it a bite of her cottage cheese and you find that the is too many sour or also unpleasant, you need to not eat any an ext of it. Likewise, if you taste the it has become grainy as soon as you eat it, the is finest not to eat it.

2 tips to save Cottage Cheese

Storing your cottage cheese effectively can substantially increase the shelf life of her cottage cheese. The essential aspects to consider when it involves cottage cheese are temperature and also moisture control.

Since cottage cheese is an extremely susceptible to bacter contamination, that is not advised to save your head cheese in her pantry. The warmer temperatures will certainly remarkably shorten your cottage cheese’s shelf life.

The other element that contributes come shortening her cottage cheese’s shelf life is enabling moisture to pass through the cheese. If girlfriend don’t use an airtight container to store your cottage cheese sealed and safe, it will be effortless because that bacteria come contaminate your cottage cheese. Below are two means that friend can expand your head cheese’s shelf life:

Storing her cottage cheese in the fridge

Keeping her cottage cheese in the fridge is a great way to keep your cottage cheese fresh. The cool temperature of the frozen fridge will store your head cheese from dry out and also slow under the contamination process.

Make certain to nearby the container that the cottage cheese is in properly. If the container has end up being damaged, move your cottage cheese come an airtight container and place it back in the fridge.

Storing her cottage cheese in the freezer

If you aren’t planning on making use of your head cheese right away, you have the right to freeze it. Through freezing her cottage cheese, you minimize the threat of bacter contamination.

Be sure to usage an airtight container as soon as storing her cottage cheese in the freezer. If you enjoy buying her cottage cheese in mass form, the is recommended that you placed it in smaller tubs so that you have the right to remove small amounts for thawing and also use in ~ a time instead of having actually to eliminate the whole amount.

The hazard of spend Expired cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a dairy product product, and when dairy product products come to be spoiled, they can make friend sick. This is due to the fact that harmful bacteria have the right to contaminate your cottage cheese and also produce toxins.

If girlfriend consume this toxins, friend can acquire food poisoning because the harmful organisms will infect your digestive tract’s lining, and your human body will have an disadvantage reaction making girlfriend feel an extremely ill.

It is not uncommon for human being who have eaten spoiled head cheese to feeling bloated and experience discomfort, including ab cramping, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

It would be finest if you continued to be hydrated together the symptom continued. It is recommended the you drink clean liquids prefer water, sports drinks, or organic teas.

Avoid drinking wealthy beverages such together milk while you are suffering indigenous food poisoning. Also, remain away native caffeinated beverages prefer coffee and sodas until your symptoms have actually improved. Fortunately, these symptoms will pass in ~ 48 hours. However, if friend still endure discomfort after two days, the is finest to view a doctor.

Can friend Freeze head Cheese?

Yes, you can freeze cottage cheese. In fact, cottage cheese can stay fresh for much much longer when it is frozen. The is recommended that you consume your cottage cheese within 4 days if you have thawed it.

It is finest not to refreeze head cheese that has been frozen and also thawed since refreezing will substantially decrease the high quality of the cottage cheese.

Therefore, if you have a big cottage cheese container, you have the right to put that in a small container that you have the right to remove once you feel like having actually some head cheese.

By law this, you make it feasible to remove smaller quantities without having actually to thaw the entire batch. By freezing your cottage cheese, you substantially lessen the possibilities of bacterial contamination, thereby boosting the shelf life of her cottage cheese.

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Dairy commodities are lovely additions to meals, baking, and snacks. Cottage cheese is a flexible dairy product the all periods can enjoy. However, the is ideal to know just how to save your head cheese and how to tell if the is tho fresh. This way, girlfriend can constantly enjoy her cottage cheese without having to worry about whether your cottage cheese has gone bad.