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The lungs are an intricately designed body organ that acts together the body"s facility for gas exchange, inhaling and exhaling approximately 7 come 8 mL the air every minute while exchanging oxygen because that carbon dioxide. Airway resistance is critical parameter of lung function and outcomes from the frictional forces of the airways, which oppose airflow. At physiologic levels, airway resistance in the trachea is responsible for rough airflow, if airway resistance in the bronchi and bronchioles enables for more laminar airflow, in which waiting smoothly operation to the distal segments of the lungs. When airway resistance is elevated, as viewed with particular pulmonary diseases, waiting can become trapped in the lungs, limiting gas exchange and possibly causing respiratory fail in serious cases.<1>


Lung breakthrough traditionally subdivides into three key periods: embryonic, fetal, and postnatal. The major airways kind during the embryonic period at 4 to 7 weeks. The remainder of the airways form during the fetal duration with the bronchial tree developing between 5 and 17 weeks, and also the most distal airways kind between 16 and also 26 weeks.<2>

At the begin of bronchial tree formation, the lung looks prefer a tubular gland. In ~ 4 come 7 weeks, outgrowth and branching the the terminal bud occur, producing bronchial buds, which will certainly later end up being bronchi. The bronchial sprout then bifurcate, ultimately resulting in the formation of bronchioles. This branching continues, and by around 26 weeks, the an initial 20 generations that airways are evident.<3>

Fetal breathing activities begin about week 10 in humans. These breathing movements allow for amniotic liquid to move in and also out the the lungs, bring about stretching that the lung tissue, which ultimately increases the caliber of the airways.<4>


The traditional airway resistance that is existing with the laminar flow of normal breathing is mainly a role of the Hagen-Poiseuille equation<1>:

R = 8hl /πr

Where h = viscosity, together = length, and also r = radius 

Given this equation, that is clear the the radius is the most vital factor in airway resistance and also that tiny changes in radius deserve to lead to far-reaching changes in airway resistance. Because that example, if the radius of the tube doubles, the resistance to reduce by a element of 16.

The medium-sized bronchi collectively have the the smallest radius. If we use the principle outlined above, it makes sense that due to the fact that the medium-sized bronchi jointly have the smallest radius, climate it would additionally be the website of best airway resistance. Using this very same principle, us can likewise conclude that the terminal bronchioles have actually the shortest resistance due to the fact that collectively it has the biggest radius.<5>

Airway radius is no static and can be significantly altered by airway smooth muscle, i m sorry lines every one of our conducting airways, except for the trachea whereby airway smooth muscle it s okay confined to the anterior wall.<1> The sympathetic concerned system causes the relaxation of the airway smooth muscle. Stimulation the beta-2 receptor on airway smooth muscle root cause bronchodilation and decreases airway resistance. The parasympathetic nervous mechanism innervates airway smooth muscle triggering contraction once stimulated. This contraction of airway smooth muscle decreases the airway lumen, boosting airway resistance.<6>

Airway resistance also changes between inspiration and also expiration. The majority of airways in ~ the lung parenchyma are tethered by alveolar attachments the transmit one outward force on these airways, which boosts as the lungs expand. This increasing outward force increases airway radius, for this reason decreasing airway resistance. ~ above expiration, this outward tethering pressure diminishes, and inward elastic recoil forces increase causing a diminish in airway radius, which leader to enhanced airway resistance.<1>

Related Testing

Whole-body plethysmography is the most common method for measuring airway resistance. A plethysmograph is an air-tight chamber the the participant sit inside, which contains a tube the the patience puts in their mouth. There space two transducers within the plethysmograph: one located in the room that steps chamber pressure, and one within of the pipe that procedures mouth pressure. There is also a flowmeter in the tube that actions the flow rate. During the test, the patient is asked to breathe generally while the pipe is left open. Once the participant breaths into the open up tube, mouth pressure, and flow price are recorded. A shutter climate occludes the tube, and also the participant is request to shot to breathe normally. V the participant attempting come breathe against the closed tube, over there is no airflow, and mouth pressure approximates alveolar pressure.<7> after ~ obtaining the worths for mouth push (kPa), alveoli pressure (kPa), and flow price (L/s), airway resistance (kPa s L) deserve to be calculated making use of the equation below.

R = (Pm – Pa) / Vo

Where afternoon = press in the mouth, Pa = press in the alveoli, and Vo = circulation rate.<8>


One the the diseases that highlights the importance of normal airway resistance is asthma. Asthma establishes due come chronic inflammation that the conducting airways, an especially the bronchi and bronchioles. This chronic inflammation outcomes in contraction and hypertrophy of the airway smooth muscle, enhanced mucus production, and thickening that the lamina reticularis (a layer of connective tissue that surrounding the airways). Asthma is defined as one obstructive lung disease because these maladaptive changes to the airways result in narrowing or even finish occlusion the the airway lumen, which leader to boost in airway resistance the obstructs waiting from exiting the lungs.<9>

The boosted airway resistance associated with asthma is responsible for many of the signs and also symptoms a patient will experience during an asthma exacerbation, including wheezing, dyspnea, chest tightness, and also air trapping. Air trapping in ~ the distal segments of the lung is due to an inability to develop enough expiratory pressure to overcome the airway resistance of the an ext proximal bronchi and also bronchioles. Because this airway resistance cannot be overcome, the air gets trapped in the distal segments of the lungs.<9><10>

Clinical Significance

Multiple medications deserve to reduce airway resistance through various mechanisms. Plenty of of this drugs are offered to treat obstructive lung diseases like asthma and also COPD.

Albuterol is an inhaled short-acting beta-2 agonist that stimulates beta-2 receptor on the surface ar of airway smooth muscle. The enhanced sympathetic tone causes the be sure of airway smooth muscle, which reasons dilation of the bronchi and also bronchioles, reduce airway resistance.

Heliox is often an adjunctive treatment alongside albuterol for reducing airway resistance. With significant airway narrowing, gas velocity increases, and also airflow i do not care turbulent. This rough airflow increases airway resistance. Helium is seven-times less dense than air, and also when mixed with oxygen to kind heliox, the reduced density reasons the turbulent airflow come revert come a state of laminar flow, decreasing airway resistance. This go back to laminar flow and reduced resistance help albuterol gain to the distal airways wherein it deserve to act on remote beta-2 receptors and additionally helps to preserve ventilation to the distal airways, staying clear of progression to respiratory tract failure.

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Ipratropium is another inhaled agent that works in the opposite means of albuterol. Ipratropium is one anticholinergic certified dealer that works by prevent parasympathetic cholinergic receptors, which results in diminished parasympathetic ton on the airway smooth muscle, which prevents stimulation and contraction that airway smooth muscle, dilating bronchi and bronchioles, and also resulting in diminished airway resistance. 

Inhaled corticosteroids are a typical therapy choice in the therapy of persistent asthma. They act come decrease airway inflammation and mucus production. This palliation in inflammation and mucus rises the caliber of airways, reducing airway resistance. Due to the fact that these space inhaled corticosteroids, lock have couple of if any systemic next effects.<11>

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