Paris is recognized for that stunning architecture, sleepy streets, and also lively crowd. Besides all the Gothic churches, monuments, museums, and also medieval buildings, if Paris has anything to offer then it is the exotic beaches nearby! There are beaches near Paris that boast of nice views and also super blue water, good enough to spark the excitement. The turquoise waters, gold-grained sand, and also blue silk sky is every the vacay vibes the you need. The blue and also yellow stretch of long shore is dotted through some exorbitant beaches you don’t want to miss out on out on. So right here are a few beaches close to Paris, when you can setup a fast escape & endure the ideal of blue waters!

5 optimal Beaches close to Paris

Want to head out to the coast on your vacay to Paris? well, below are a couple of beaches you can take work trips to. Check out on, to uncover out an ext about the best beaches near Paris.

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Les Calanques De Cassis – MarseillePlage De La Côte Des Basques – BiarritzPrado beach – MarseilleEtretat – Normandy Deauville coast – Normandy

1. Les Calanques De Cassis – Marseille


Image SourceDeauville beach in Normandy is the closest coast escape to Paris and quite easy to access. Through a fascinating boardwalk, this beach calls the end to every pair for a romantic stroll. The coast is definitely the perfect place to capture a breathtaking sunset view. This ar is a combination of perfect turquoise water and golden sand and is lined up v umbrellas, huts, and also Parasols. If friend are in search of beaches close to Disneyland Paris, then this is the ideal pick.

Location: NormandyDistance from Paris come Deauville beach & total time taken: 201 km, 2h & 35minPopular tasks at Deauville Beach: Siling, beach hopping, and also horse riding

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Lose you yourself amidst the coves or take it a dip in the blue waters; lie down on powdery sandy beaches surrounded by cliffs or fill her heart with the beauty, beauty of azure; the finest of beaches near Paris awaits you. Time to book a expedition to Paris!

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Frequently inquiry Questions about Beaches near Paris

How far is Paris from the ocean?

Paris is 3966 km away native the Atlantic Ocean. Over there is no direct link to with the Atlantic s via flight, yet you have the right to take a train come Aeroport Charles De Gaulle 2 Tgv and head come the s from there.

Which is the closest coast to Paris?

If you are in search of beaches near Paris, then Deauville is one of the closest beaches come visit with your friends and family. Visit this coast when close to or touring Paris.

Which is the most popular beach in France?

Paloma beach is one of the most renowned beaches in France. Prevent by at this coast to relish a soothing blend of sunsets, sand, and serenity through your closest people.

How to reach the nearest coast from Paris?

Deauville/Trouville are the nearest ‘sea’ beaches come Paris and yes it have the right to be a little bit costly to with to via Train. It"s two hours from Paris, and one that the ideal beaches to walk to through your family and friends. Save this one in mind whenever approximately Paris.

What is Paris known for?

Paris is known for the renowned Eiffel tower, french food, perfumes, Paris fashion, and many various other places. For this reason whenever in or around Paris do check out these points with your take trip buddies.

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