While we don’t have precise details yet, Alaska’s governor has actually announced that in 2019 tbelow will be year-round direct passenger flights between Alaska (I would guess Anchorage) and also Harbin, located in northeastern China.

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What we recognize about the new Anchorage to Harbin route

The governor states that the deal comes after even more than a year of negotiations between Alaska and also China, as the state and the country try to strengthen ties via profession and tourism.

A flight from Anchorage to Harbin would cover a distance of 3,359 miles, interpretation it would take simply 6-7 hours in each direction. This would be the shortest nonsoptimal flight between the US and China.

As of now an airline hasn’t yet been announced for the course, yet quite some airlines are in “negotiations” for the business. It sounds choose it will certainly be a Chinese airline and not Alaska Airlines, though.

The Alaska governor claims that a final agreement must be got to by the finish of the year, so flights deserve to launch in 2019.

Personally I wouldn’t take this as a sure thing till an actual schedule is filed, because these kinds of deals have the right to constantly loss with. While it’s true that the distance in between these cities isn’t expensive, I still question the viability of such a course.

Which airline is a lot of most likely to launch this flight?

While it would be nice if a widebody aircraft through level beds were offered for the path, I think it’s a lot more likely that we’ll check out a Boeing 737 MAX run the course, because it has actually the array and much reduced operating expenses. China Southern seems favor the most likely competitor, given that they have actually the many worldwide operations out of Harbin, including to Russia. China Eastern and Sichuan Airlines are the following best airlines out of Harbin.

Anchorage is such a fascinating hub to Asia & Russia

I’m so fascinated by Anchorage as a hub for westbound flights. Back in the day Anchorage was a large hub for airlines flying in between the US and also Asia, offered that it’s nearly straight on the method for many kind of trip routes. As we’ve viewed the development of longer array aircraft, we don’t watch any year-round commercial flights from Alaska to China or Russia, though plenty of cargo airlines still sheight in Anchorage.

Back in the 1990s Alaska Airlines actually had a number of routes in between Anchorage and Russia, which I find to be so cool. In a means I’m surprised the airline hasn’t continued operating any type of flights west from Alaska, yet I guess the demand also is sensibly restricted, and also it’s the aviation geek side of my brain that gets excited by these courses.

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More recently, we’ve seen seasonal summer organization in between Anchorage and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskies. This course has been operated once weekly in summers utilizing a Yakutia Airlines Boeing 737. I imagine that should be a pretty interesting trip to take, and at under 2,000 miles it’s shorter than a US transcon trip.


What carry out you make of this brand-new route between Alaska and China, and also perform you think it will actually pertained to fruition?