Located in northern Tennessee, Music City is a an excellent visitor destination with cultivation popularity. In addition to honky tonks and music hall of fame museums, there are historical sites, notable architecture and plenty of delicious BBQ. If you in the Louisville, KY area, Nashville is the perfect ar for a rapid escape native your day-to-day routine. Here’s every little thing you should know about a day expedition to Nashville.


Nashville in a Day

Where to invest the day in Nashville will count on your certain interests. You can organize work trips indigenous Louisville based about country music, Tennessee history or sports. Friend should likewise consider taking a tour that combine all 3 to suffer all the Nashville needs to offer.

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Music lovers should focus their fist on the lower Broadway ar of the city. Known as the Honky Tonk Highway, it is house to renowned venues prefer Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, boots Country and also Jack’s Bar-B-Que. Other popular attractions adjacent include the top Ryman Auditorium, Hatch show Print and also the country Music room of Fame and also Museum. The earliest working letterpress print shop in the country, Hatch present Print is renowned because that its an imaginative show posters. It is the perfect location to develop your very own souvenir of the trip. Stroll follow me the Music City walk of reputation to see stars honoring legend performers spanning several genres and also generations. If time permits, think about visiting museums dedicated to the careers the Johnny Cash, George Jones and Patsy Cline.

History buffs might want come stay near the State Capitol. Among the nation’s earliest working legislative buildings, the limestone Greek Revival-style edifice attributes artwork and ornate chandeliers. The grounds display statues and memorials. The Tennessee State Museum has actually interactive displays that chronicle the history of the Volunteer State indigenous its frontier days through the age of Jackson, the polite War and the current day. Situated in the shadow of the State Capitol, Bicentennial mall State Park commemorates 200 years of Tennessee statehood. Out exhibits reflect the history, herbal beauty and culture of Eastern, Middle and Western Tennessee. You may likewise want to incorporate Fort Negley. Located around three miles south of downtown, it is the biggest inland fort developed during the polite War. When it comes time come grab a bite come eat, stop by Prince’s warm Chicken, the birthplace that Nashville’s well known spicy signature dish.

Sports fans have the right to enjoy games at the Bridgestone Arena, Nissan stadion and an initial Tennessee Park. These venues hold the Nashville Predators of the national Hockey League, the Tennessee Titans the the nationwide Football League and also the Nashville Sounds, the Triple-A minor league affiliate the the Oakland Athletics respectively. As soon as the teams space not play at their properties, the stadiums sell tours of their facilities. The Bridgestone Area is additionally home to the Tennessee sporting activities Hall the Fame.

An Old city Trolley Tour enables you to soak in Nashville’s music and cultural heritage. Lasting approximately one hour and also 40 minutes, the tour is led by a knowledgeable conductor who provides an interesting and also entertaining narration about the city.

The trolley has plenty of stops the offer accessibility to 100 well-known sights.Step turn off at any stop to discover a specific point the interest an ext in-depth in ~ your very own pace. When the next trolley comes by in around 20 minutes, climb ago on board and resume the story best where girlfriend left off. Old town Trolley help you do the most of your continue to be in Nashville.

Popular Stops follow me the course from Louisville, KY to Nashville

Passing with the Bluegrass State’s bucolic steed country, federal government 65 connect Louisville and also Nashville. The highway offers access to distinct natural wonders and also fascinating background that encompass authentic southerly cuisine and also Kentucky bourbon. You deserve to make one or more stops along the method or drive directly through to enjoy more sights in Music City.

The expedition will take roughly three hours by car. If her itinerary permits, consisting of a side trip deserve to make day trips from Louisville to Nashville more memorable. There space several renowned attractions situated near I-65.

The Jim Beam Distillery in Shepherdsville is the location where America’s most well-known bourbon is produced. Tour the Stillhouse come learn about the distilling process, which create the distinctive flavor.

Swope’s car of Yesteryear in Elizabethtown displays automobiles indigenous the early on 1900s until the 1960s. Just a little further up the road in Bowling Green, automobile enthusiasts can additionally stop at the nationwide Corvette Museum.

The whistle Stop, one award-winning country-style eatery in Glendale, serves southern favorites like fried green tomatoes.

Dinosaur World permits you to step back in time by digging because that fossils and also panning for minerals. Special 150 life-size dinosaur models, the park enables guests come envision the era as soon as these fascinating creatures roamed the earth.

Mammoth cave National Park in Brownville holds the world’s record for the longest recognized system the interconnected caves. Girlfriend can check out this impressive organic wonder at your own pace or take a Ranger-led tour.

Hendersonville storage Garden is the final resting location of the guy in Black. ~ visiting the gravesite, you deserve to tour the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville.

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As I-65 winds its method south, numerous attractions have the right to make the drive fun and memorable. The trip likewise highlights the distinctive ambiance that Music City.