The Hunger Games: 10 things Only publication Fans Know around Finnick Finnick Odair was presented to audience in Hunger Games: capturing Fire, yet only book fans know these exciting details about the character.

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The Hunger Games collection has countless lovable and also irksome characters. Finnick Odair was introduced to readers and also viewers alike in The Hunger Games: capturing Fire. And also unfortunately because that both, they developed an attachment the would shortly be ripped indigenous them in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

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Although Finnick seemed to have actually a lot of of display screen time for his character, there room still some things viewers don"t know around him indigenous a reader"s perspective. Small details, changes, and moments many would gain knowing.

during Catching Fire, Katniss and also Finnick had actually a moment of bonding that wasn"t displayed in the film. Their poisonous fog sores were scabbing and also itching, a risk for infection.

They obtained ointment from Haymitch and put the unsightly goop everywhere their bodies and also faces if Peeta slept. It was a look of decomposition, a hoax they mutual as lock made fun of their appearances. Katniss saw wake Peeta and also it was Finnick"s idea to put their encounters close come his and also scare him. The 2 laughed for a lengthy time after.

Haymitch in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
back most civilization think it to be Finnick that reminded Katniss the the true enemy, the didn"t execute it in the book. Instead, Katniss is crouching prepared to target an arrow at Enobaria, hoping her shot will reason Finnick come duck close to the tree together the lightning strikes.

She hears Peeta yell for her. She desires to provide him his ideal chance in ~ surviving. She wishes to put it under to one adversary for him come fight, and then she remembers Haymitch"s last words to her before she left because that the arena. "You just remember who the adversary is."

The movies don"t speak much about Finnick"s Hunger games victory other than that he to be fourteen year of age, skilled at water combat, and the Capitol"s darling. The books give a little more detail. "Being from ar 4, he was a Career, so the odds were already in his favor, yet what no trainer could claim to have offered him to be his particularly beauty."

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Because the his allure, "Finnick never ever wanted because that anything, no food or medicine or weapons. The took around a week for his rivals to realize that he to be the one to kill, but it was too late."

7 He was Gifted A Trident

The final nail in the coffin for most of Finnick"s 65th Hunger Games competitors was once Finnick got "a silver parachute with a trident." Katniss defines it together "the many expensive gift I"ve ever before seen offered in the arena."

Before receiving the gift, Finnick was utilizing the tools from the Cornucopia, but the trident to be the end-all. "He wove a net the end of some kind of vine that found, offered it to entangle his enemies so he could spear them with the trident, and within a issue of days the crown to be his."

once Katniss and Finnick team increase on the Cornucopia, Katniss finally spots Peeta. He"s stranded on his tribute podium. She walk to acquire him, removing velvet from she belt, however Finnick claims he will acquire him. "Better not exert yourself. Not in her condition," that says, and reaches down and pats my abdomen."

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He swims the end to Peeta through ease. "Finnick has actually reached Peeta now and is towing him back, one arm across his chest if the other propels them v the water with simple strokes. Peeta rides follow me without resisting."

5 he Agrees with Katniss about Peeta"s Goodness

as soon as Katniss climbs the tree to obtain a much better look at your surroundings in the quarter Quell, she sees bodies fighting and bodies bleeding. Finnick asks her, "What"s walk on under there, Katniss? have actually they every joined hands? taken a vow the non-violence? Tossed the weapons in the sea in defiance the the Capitol?"

When Katniss responds that they haven"t, Finnick says, "Because every little thing happened in the previous is in the past. And no one in this arena to be a victor by chance." He eye Peeta because that a moment. "Except possibly Peeta." Katniss climate thinks of just how Finnick understands the very same as her and Haymitch, the Peeta is "truly, deep-down far better than the remainder of us."

during training, Peeta and also Katniss decision to spit up. In a deleted scene the the Catching Fire film, Katniss goes over the knot tying station and also is alone for part time prior to Finnick join her and finishes the knots she has been struggling to complete. "I watch because that a minute while he choose up a length of rope, makes a noose, and also then pretends to hang self for my amusement."

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In the novel, Finnick likewise introduces Katniss come Mags. ~ Katniss"s shoot is viewed by the various other tributes, Finnick provides her "an hour that trident lessons in exchange because that an hour the archery instruction."

3 Finnick & His Hospital Gown

losing Annie and also Peeta come the Capitol takes its toll on Finnick and Katniss. They room able to relate come one another"s pain. "I worry about that v Annie. The she"ll say something that can be interpreted as traitorous without discovering it." They mitigate each other. As soon as Finnick, who is in hospital, wants to go down to wherein Beetee has actually his new trident, Katniss tells him come wear part trousers. "He looks down at his legs together if noticing his outfit for the very first time. Climate he whips turn off his hospital gown, leaving him in simply his underwear. "Why? execute you uncover this" - the strikes a ridiculously provocative pose - "distracting?" He provides Katniss laugh and also Boggs uncomfortable.

Finnick and Katniss eat dinner with each other in Katniss"s room and also watch the newest propo. It"s at that time once Peeta shows up on-screen completely transformed indigenous the healthy person he to be days before. Finnick watch the scare in Katniss and helps conceal her emotions from Plutarch and also Fluvia.

"We didn"t check out Peeta. Only the propo on Eight. Then we turned the set off because the photos upset you. Gained it?" The following day, Katniss gets permission because that her and also Finnick to walk to the woods wherein they talk around what they experienced the ahead night.

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1 Katniss look at His Life Flash prior to Her Eyes

if in the tunnel, chased after by mutts, Katniss can"t expropriate that many of them have died. Indigenous the top of the ladder, she make the efforts to go down, hear screams and also believing someone to it is in alive, only to be quit by Gale who tells her nobody else is coming.

"Far below, I can just make out Finnick, struggling to hang on as three mutts tear at him. Together one yanks back his head to take the fatality bite, something bizarre happens. It"s together if I"m Finnick, watching pictures of mine life speed by. The mast the a boat, a silver- parachute, Mags laughing, a pink sky, Beetee"s trident, Annie in she wedding dress, tide breaking over the rocks. Then it"s over."