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As a lawyer, Atticus faces a difficult case as soon as he defends Tom Robinboy, an Afrideserve to Amerihave the right to male facing charges of rape. Many type of citizens of Maycomb County believe that Atticus "shouldn’t perform a lot around defending this guy." However before, Atticus plans to defend Tom to the best of his capability. Atticus shares...

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As a lawyer, Atticus encounters a hard situation as soon as he defends Tom Robinchild, an African Amerihave the right to man facing charges of rape. Many type of citizens of Maycomb County think that Atticus "shouldn’t do much around deffinishing this man." However, Atticus plans to safeguard Tom to the finest of his capability. Atticus shares his reasons for deffinishing Tom by explaining to Scout, "The major one is, if I didn’t I couldn’t host up my head in town, I couldn’t recurrent this county in the legislature, I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do somepoint again." Atticus mirrors courage by defending Tom while understanding the challenge he and also his kids will certainly challenge as a result.

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Atticus likewise shows courage where Mrs. Dubose is pertained to. Although Mrs. Dubose seldom has actually anypoint nice to say, he remains courteous to her by sharing news from the courtresidence and wishing her a good day. Then, through Scout on his shoulders, he retransforms residence. Scout recalls reasoning that during these moments, Atticus "was the bravest man who ever before lived." When Mrs. Dubose dies, Atticus increates the youngsters that she was addicted to morphine. However, because Jem reads to her daily as an effect for destroying her camellia bushes, she is able to get over her addiction. The analysis serves as a distractivity for her. Atticus defines to Jem that, "I wanted you to watch what genuine courage is, instead of getting the principle that courage is a man through a gun in his hand." Respectful of what she was able to execute, Atticus tells them she was the "bravest perboy I ever knew." Atticus reflects courage in his capacity to overlook Mrs. Dubose"s hateful comments, and also he mirrors compassion by knowledge her tough instance.