Fatalistic French Expression

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MeaningThat’s life, together is life

Usage notes: ask 10 human being if lock know any French phrases, and also probably 9 the them will say c’est la vie. Funnily enough, this fatalistic expression is used far an ext in English 보다 in its native French, despite the an interpretation is the same in both: c’est la vie acknowledges a less-than-ideal situation even together it accepts it.

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Par exemple…

J’ai vu Peter Mayle mais je n’avais pas le ship de demander child autographe. C’est la vie !I witnessed Peter Mayle yet didn’t have the courage come ask because that his autograph. That’s life!


say la vie, say la veese la vie, se la veecie la vie, cie la vee

Variation: C’est la guerre – That’s war (for you), such is war

  English variation: C’est la vie, c’est la guerre, c’est la pomme de terre – literally, “That’s life, that’s war, that’s the potato” (French speakers have no idea about this one)

English equivalents: ingredient happens, (vulgar slang) s*** happensOther uses: In French, c’est la vie isn’t constantly a fatalistic expression. It can likewise be provided to talk around a necessity of life or a method of life.

Le pain, c’est la vie.Bread is life.
C’est la vie conjugale.That’s married life (for you).
Simplicité, c’est la vie de moine.

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Simplicity is the life the a monk.

Related expressions

c’estit is, this is, the is
C’est la vie de château (pourvu que ça dure)The an excellent life, This is the life, Live it increase (while friend can)

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