If you’re in search of a rapid answer – “Lajan” is a Haitian creolian word that way money. Hear to Estherline express this word together with some other common creole money native below. Scroll under for the video and image of Haitian currency.

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kob – lajan – money all mean money

Mwen pa gen yon gourdeI don’t have one cent

Prete mwen san gourdeLoan me a hundreds gourde (about $1.25 USD)

… de san gourde… 2 hundred gourde

… twa mountain gourde…. Three hundred gourde

… senk mountain gourde … 5 hundred gourde

… mil gourde… thousand gourde (about $13 USD)

oh ou konnen le aysian prete yo pa remet . Dezole bou


This post will introduce you come the Haitian creolian names for the different monetary note in Haiti. Listen to the audio clip below and also follow in addition to the text. Scroll down for Estherline’s video about money in Haiti.


Atik sou lajan Ayiti Article about Haitian money

5 – Senk goud10 – dis goud25 – vennsenk goud50 – senkann goud100 – mountain goud250 – desan sinkann goud500 – senksan goud1 000 – mil goud

Video Explaining Haitian Money

What’s the difference in between goud and also gourdes?

Nothing really, it’s just the French and also Croele names because that the exact same unit that currency. Goud is Creole. Gourdes is French.

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What is the Haitian Dollar?

The Haitian dollar is basic 5 goud. The history of this goes back to the us occupation the Haiti in the 1920 when one USD was same to 5 goud. The is definitely not the situation today, yet the theoretical “haitian dollar” is quiet a popular means to talk about price. That is particularly true when buying large ticket items. So simply take the goud price divided by 5. For example:

100 goud = 20 Haitian dollars250 goud = 50 Haitian dollars1000 goud = 200 Haitian dollars

How lot is a Gourde in united state dollars?

Search Google because that the present conversion rates!

The existing exchange price is about 75 gourdes to 1 USD. That method you would divide the challenge value of her Haitian note by the current USD price the 75. Click here to gain the latest from Google. So here is the turbulent estimate the I save in mind. Ns don’t problem too much with little money and also leave most of the shopping up Estherline.