this website offers me "medusa" but, my high college word the the day book gives me "aguaviva" who is right? or are they both right and one is supplied in Spain and the other is offered in central and southern America? thanks to everyone who have the right to help.

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mm.. "medusa" its the many common method to interpret the word "jellyfish" however for instance in Colombia its generally hear the expression "aguaviva" or "aguamala".

You deserve to use the both means to analyze "jellyfish": "medusa" or "aguaviva".

(tell me if mine english its an excellent or call me the mistake that ns did in this text, please)
Corrections: " the most typical way..."; "'s common to hear..." pretty work! - _Mateo_, ago 25, 2011
If you look it increase in dictionary it have the right to save both you and also us time! it is without doubt in the dictionary and it is listed as Medusa

Jellyfish = Medusa

Medusa - RAE

Aguaviva sounds basic (and is not recognized by the R.A.E) "sea life" which may encompass jellyfish yet not necissarily exclusive to jellyfish

See this link to Wikipedia: Medusa

Apparently both words can be used yet "medusa" shows up to it is in the much more common.

I"ve heard "medusa" in Spain so ns think it"s provided there too.


Medusa is the most usual Columbia you usually listen the expression...... .

You deserve to use both ways ("the" no necessary) come translate.... .

In the first sentence "is" no "its" - it is the subject, however we currently have the topic - medusa.

When talk in basic use "you" to median plural as in, because that example: In Columbia friend (meaning people in general) usually hear medusa.

Your created English is an excellent though personal from the


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Thanks buddy!! - jochoa191, ago 25, 2011

Interesting, ns was city hall a show filmed in Puerto Rico and also they provided the indigenous "Jellyfish", lol.

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Puerto Rico and Mexico both entertain a the majority of "Spanglish" words in thier casual conversation. - toothpastechica, earlier 25, 2011

Aguaviva sounds like a quite apt description ot me.



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It certainly sounds descriptive and very expressive, but I have actually never heard that before. Ns wonder why is it not in the DRAE. - lazarus1907, earlier 25, 2011
Hah, i was clicking the thumbnails trying come enlarge them...XD - webdunce, back 25, 2011
The DRAE is quite conservative, so the is unlikely the it would certainly contain less common regionalisms together "aguaviva". - glennashley, MAR 27, 2014

I only know it as "Aguamala".

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I dislike jellyfish, your sting is no joke, believe me, personal experience.


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Aguaviva sounds prefer a pretty apt summary ot me.


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This is what we use in Argentina. "Medusa" is also used however mostly in books and articles.

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