How to analyze 350 in Spanish translation?. Let’s discover out how to speak 350 in the Spanish language. Study basic words and phrases – English to Spanish translation.

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Mi número es el trescientos cincuentaCuesta trescientos cincuenta mensualesSu apartamento es el trescientos cincuentaTenemos trescientos cincuenta piezasCostaron trescientos cincuenta dólaresAquí hay trescientos cincuenta dólaresMe costó trescientos cincuenta dólaresElla sólo tiene trescientos cincuenta dólaresEs el número trescientos cincuenta en la listaEso costó trescientos cincuenta dólares
My number is three hundred and fiftyIt costs three hundred and fifty a monthHis apartment is three hundred and also fiftyWe have three hundred and also fifty piecesThey price three hundred and fifty dollarsHere’s 3 hundred and fifty dollarsIt expense me three hundred and fifty dollarsShe only has three hundred and fifty dollarsIt’s number three hundred and also fifty on the listThat expense three hundred and also fifty dollars

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Much Love in SpanishGood Afternoon Beautiful in SpanishHow carry out You speak That’s an excellent in Spanish

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