Meet Vicky lyons the 34 year-old girl who passed away after she was eliminated through a gruesome automobile accident.

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She was a skilled woman’s rings Diva for the past six years functioning for the Highspots Wrestling college of Charlotte, NC.

Vicky was also a college student at the Arts academy of Charlotte, where she was examining Mass Media.

Vicky likewise enjoyed belly dancing and also was one avid pet lover, owning both dogs and cats.

Her tragic story was portrayed on HLN’s Forensic documents Season 6-Episode 29

“Treading not So lightly”. She mother, crystal Bailey Lyons, to be the love & spirit of the investigation.

She is survived by her parents william H.

According to reports gathered, Vicky Lyons and also Crystal E. Bailey Lyons; a step sister Jennifer Dawn Lyons; a niece Allie Lyons Wise.


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