Twilight Stars dramatic load loss because that movie series unveiled.

– Reported, November 17, 2012


Actress Kristen Stewart, perhaps finest known as playing the moody, vampire-craving Bella Swan in the “Twilight” movie series, contends the her slim frame is the result of naturally great genes, not a certain diet. She eats, in her own words, “disgustingly normally.” However, in a current interview because that, Stewart confesses having actually to go on a diet to portray Bella’s transformation into one ethereally-thin vampire because that the movie “Breaking Dawn.” if the reducing setup did not incorporate working out choose her uber-fit co-star Taylor Lautner, Stewart states she cut earlier on red meat and butter.

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Viva Mexico during an illustration in 2010 on the TV present “Lopez Tonight,” Stewart speak of she culinary skills when preparing mexican food, particularly chili verde, i beg your pardon is pork simmered v tomatillos and also green chilies. Because that an interview for Vogue magazine in 2011, Stewart prepared a favourite mexico Tortilla Soup for reporter night MacSweeney and also the photography crew.

Twilight beauty beauty Kristen Stewart, who’s dieting come slim under for breaking Dawn, would certainly love to wolf down a cheeseburger — however that’ll need to wait a few months.

“I want a cheeseburger so badly, but I have to be a vampire in a couple of weeks,” Stewart, 20, said the LA time Oct. 20, 2010. Therefore the lithe Kristen worked out for a veggie burger over she lunchtime interview.

if the 5’6″, 110-pound Stewart is fixed fat, she obtained a small flabby while filming the dark drama on the road this summer because she indulged in fatty foods, exhilaration nonstop and frequently continued to be up every night throughout the shoot.

after ~ meeting through Breaking Dawn director invoice Condon, Kristen was advised to lose weight because her Twilight character Bella Swan becomes a vampire in the series’ fourth instalment, which starts shooting in November 2010. Favor the dazzling Edward Cullen, vampires are known for your ethereal beauty, slim, elegant physiques and also youthful appearance.

In addition to transforming right into a vampire, Stewart’s change ego additionally gets pregnant and also has a infant in breaking Dawn — a concept fully foreign to the young Kristen.

“My ideal friend just had a baby, and she’s my age,” Stewart, 20, marvels. “So I’m a great mom now, i beg your pardon is crazy.”

achieving a great body for Kristen wasn’t easy – she has had actually to work incredibly hard in stimulate to achieve a body prefer this. Not numerous women can say the they have actually ever completed such a sexy body together Kristen, however that’s probably due to the fact that not plenty of women were ready to work-related as difficult as she walk in order to attain it. Although, nobody yes, really knows what her specific exercise regime; you can absolutely bet that a the majority of her work comes from yoga exercises the really tone she body up and prevent her from putting on any type of weight. Kristen is really slim, so alongside that, she may undergo one or 2 different species of cleansing diet to ensure that her body is always free from negative cells.

Actress Ashley Greene was as much as the challenge. To play the part of vampire Alice Cullen—kin to Kellan Lutz’s character Emmett and the brooding Edward (Robert Patterson), and also loyal pal to the object of Edward’s desire, Bella (Kristen Stewart)—she had to sculpt her 5’5″ frame into a lean, mean bad-guy-fighting machine. (Find out if any kind of of the guys of Twilight made the cut for ours slideshow that the Hottest body in Hollywood.)

“My human body holds muscle yes, really easily, and also I often tend to bulk up weights,” says the 25-year-old Jacksonville, Fla., native. Therefore while filming the movie, she focused on cardio, squats, and planks during her day-to-day hour-long expression sessions.

“I did side planks for my oblique’s, i m sorry are among my trouble areas,” she says. “And classic planks tone your ago so girlfriend don’t have that tiny bit of fat hanging over her bra. Ugh!” Ashley also inspired squat contests among her woman co-stars (“I’m a competitive small sucker,” she claims with a laugh). (Target your surprise core muscles v these 4 Killer Abs exercises from Jillian Michaels.)

She did include in a pair of non-traditional weight moves: working through kettle bells and also pushing a large box filled with weights across a room.

“My butt and legs were so sore!” Clearly, this is not a woman who’s obsessed through counting she ribs, prefer so numerous starlets seem to be.

“A many of human being like to it is in super tiny, however I don’t desire a child’s body—I desire a woman’s body that is incredibly fit. It’s so much sexier,” she says.

in between flicks, Ashley keeps her body tight and her mind patience by law Pilates or running 3 to five miles, 3 to five days a week.

“You placed on her headphones and also go off into your own little world. If you’re to run outside and also you have actually a beautiful view, you have this feeling of gift free,” states Ashley, who jogs in a adjacent canyon or top top a treadmill at home in L.A.

writer Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the best-selling “Twilight” book series, showed off her tremendous slim-down in ~ the Los Angeles premiere that “Breaking Dawn – part 2” ~ above Nov. 12, 2012. Meyer, 38, stunned in a body-hugging silver and also grey fishtail floor-length dress topped through a belted black shirt the highlighted her slender waist.

when Stephenie hasn’t spoken publicly about her dramatic transformation, “Twilight” franchise screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg credited simple diet and also exercise because that Meyer’s unbelievable load loss.

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“Honestly, the town hall what she eats, and exercise ,” Rosenberg said the L.A. Times last year. “Diet and also exercise. And she looks fantastic.” Meyer, who has actually made a cameo in every of the “Twilight” films, do a concerted effort to slim down for the wedding scene in between Edward and Bella (Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart) in the 2011 hit, “Breaking Dawn – part 1.” She has due to the fact that continued to shed weight, and also looks healthier and fitter than ever.