How go Captain Hook lose his hand? follow to him, Peter Pan reduced it off and also fed it come the crocodile. However maybe Captain Hook yes, really is a codfish. Because I’m pretty certain that Captain Hook’s hook is a fake disability.

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It wouldn’t be the first time Peter Pan’s flight has been captured faking (like through these painted shadows). I newly noticed miscellaneous odd around Captain Hook’s hook. Examine out these pictures from Walt Disney World:


It’s difficult to take good dark ride photos unless you usage the forbidden photograph flash. However this should be familiar. It’s Captain Hook dueling Peter Pan ~ above the yardarm, hold his sword in his appropriate hand.


The 2nd picture is the finale, v Hook balancing precariously on the Crocodile. It’s clean from both of this shots the Captain Hook’s hook is top top his left hand.

Meanwhile, in Disneyland…

If we take a rapid 4-hour plane trip over to Anaheim, we’ll watch pretty lot the exact same scenes. Only something’s different.


It’s usually the same scene as in Walt Disney World, yet now the sword is in the left hand and also Captain Hook’s hook is on his right.


Crocodiles often reason confusion in the Magic Kingdom. In the huge Crocodile finale, us again see Captain Hook’s hook ~ above his ideal hand. His left is completely intact (and somehow his pants have readjusted from violet to red and also his belt buckle is flipped).

Something is clearly fishy v Captain Hook’s workman’s comp claim. Who’s insuring this guy? and whatever occurred to early diligence?

At least each coast is consistent. Oh wait, here’s the mural indigenous Anaheim’s loading area:


Whoops. We’re back to the hook top top the left hand. And in instance you to be wondering which coastline has the right, here’s a still from the movie:

Looks like we finally discovered something the Walt Disney human being does far better than Disneyland!

Although as Frank thomas (Hook’s original animator) will testify, even Captain Hook’s hook in the movie is no consistent.

Now that i think around it, Hook does show up in one various other spot in the ride: In miniature, onboard the Jolly Roger, firing his cannon at you. Might that hand it is in the tie-breaker? I’ll leave it come you to uncover out.

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Photo Credits indigenous the awesome Folks in ~ Flickr:

WDW Croc: to express Monorail: Duel: Hyku: Duel: Loren Javier: Croc: Loren Javier: Mural: ATIS547:

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