I know that Trey Songz isn’t a name that we hear too regularly anymore, however this man’s (alleged) sex ice cream was simply leaked and also we’re suddenly obsessed v him choose it’s 2014! i mean, it’s not regularly that we’re left speechless through a dick, however damn! We space truly at a loss for words.

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The leaked video clip features his long, long prick getting orally serviced by a woman – therefore if you don’t desire to watch a woman offer head, climate turn ago now. If you’re anything prefer us though, climate you won’t really be able to pay attention to anything but that fucking enormous cock. Take it a look at below:

👀 Longer video clip of TreySongz acquiring his anaconda sucked on by some girl!!! monitor
TheVaultUncut top top IG for complete video!! pic.twitter.com/j6eXaaHq2j

— TheVaultUncut (
TheVaultUncut) February 3, 2021

And I recognize what you’re thinking. “We don’t watch his face. Is it in reality him?” Well, many fans were rapid to match up Trey’s tattoos through the ink that’s featured in the sex tape, so even though there’s no challenge shot, the proof seems to present that the substantial dick more than most likely belongs come Trey!

After the video leaked, Trey took to Instagram to make a strange and also vague post. He first shared a selfie v a subtitle that just had actually a shocked confront emoji and then posted a screenshot of a tweet special his OnlyFans and also captioned it, “You to speak they leaked what infant I’m outchea…”

So we’re not really sure what that means, yet it seems choose he’s lightweight confirming the the video is the if he’s fostering his OnlyFans right as the video is trending. Either the or he’s simply riding the publicity wave for attention.

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We’re not exactly sure what this male is serving up ~ above his OnlyFans, however it sounds prefer he might be teasing fans v some more meat. For this reason if you’re really thirsty and want a second serving that that long schlong, girlfriend can inspect out his web page here.