The creation of writing was crucial part of the advancement of Sumer and also Egypt. Over there are plenty of similarities and differences come the writings of every of this civilizations.

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The Sumerians developed a writing dubbed cuneiform. Picture writing is the earliest written language in existence. Each snapshot represents a living or nonliving thing.

Cuneiform was created on clay tablets with a wedge-shaped instrument referred to as a stylus. Henry Creswicke Rawlinson was the an initial person to decipher the definitions of cuneiform. He did so in 1846. Cuneiform eventually spread out throughout the an ar and was adopted by countless other at an early stage civilizations.

The Egyptians arisen a composing that they called hieroglyphics. The word hieroglyphic means ?sacred inscriptions? because they were often written top top the walls of temples. Hieroglyphics were created around 5000 year ago. There are not any vowels, just consonants. Over there is also no punctuation.

In 1799, the Rosetta stone was discovered. The Rosetta stone was the an enig to discovering the definitions of hieroglyphics.

A gigantic copy of the Rosetta stone, by Joseph Kosuth in Figeac, France, the birthplace that Jean-François Champollion. By Wikipedia. Licensed under public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1637259217">
English: The Rosetta stone in the brother Museum. ...
The demotic language scripts on the Rosetta Stone, year 196 BC, under Ptolemy V of Egypt through Wikipedia. Licensed under patent unknown, please inspect it yourself" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1637259217">
The demotic language scripts on the Rosetta Stone,...

On the Rosetta stone there were three sections the print, every saying the same thing but in different languages. In ~ the top, the paragraph was composed in hieroglyphics. Second, that was composed in Demotic. Lastly the paragraph was created in ancient Greek. By analysis the ancient Greek word and also names, the various other paragraphs could be deciphered. Twenty-three year after it?s discovery, Jean-FranVois Champollion identified what the hieroglyphics meant. Hieroglyphics are photos that stand for a letter.

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In both civilizations, largely only scribes knew exactly how to read and write. Gift a scribe to be a really honorable profession. People who to be to come to be scribes go to institution for plenty of years beginning at a young age. The job of being a scribe to be passed down through families; if a boy?s father to be a scribe, that would come to be one also.