Season 2 episode 6 - not So Goofy

Nobody wants to view Pete day in ~ the house of Mouse! v no audience, will certainly Pete uncover out and also shut the club down? Or will they keep it a secret? Air day : 10th-Nov-2001

Season 2 illustration 1 - Daisy"s Debut

Daisy is offered a possibility to perform a duet through Mickey at the club, which makes Minnie feel left out. Daisy fakes injuring herself, to provide Minnie her role in the duet. Air date : 22nd-Sep-2001Read More

Season 2 illustration 2 - Goofy for a day

Max thinks that Goofy"s task is no as crucial as Mickey and also Donald"s, so Goofy challenges Max to it is in a waiter. Air date : 29th-Sep-2001Read More

Season 2 episode 3 - Clarabelle"s large Secret

In her attemt to carry out magic because that the audience, Daisy accidentally makes the home disapear. But who arrives, but jJafar and Iago. The usage a version of Bibitty bopity boo to lug it back. Air day : 6th-Oct-2001Read More

Season 2 episode 4 - The mouse Who involved Dinner

When Max states that his father"s task is easy, Goofy proves that wrong by making that headwaiter that the residence of computer mouse for a day. Air date : 13th-Oct-2001Read More

Season 2 illustration 5 - Max"s new Car

Max wants to obtain a car, however Goofy feels that he is not all set for one yet. A living auto from among the cartoons displayed at the society arrives and also Max takes it, only to be pushed around against his will. Air day : 3rd-Nov-2001Read More

Season 2 episode 6 - not So Goofy

Nobody wants to check out Pete day at the home of Mouse! v no audience, will Pete uncover out and also shut the society down? Or will certainly they keep it a secret? Air day : 10th-Nov-2001Read More

Season 2 episode 7 - everyone Loves Mickey

Mickey and also his crew become an extremely hard-pressed to please Mortimer Mouse. Air date : 17th-Nov-2001Read More

Season 2 illustration 8 - Max"s Embarrassing date

Max has actually a day with Roxanne in ~ the house of Mouse. In ~ Max"s request, anyone tries their ideal to save Goofy away as he is a continuous source that embarrassment to him. Air date : 19th-Jan-2002Read More

Season 2 episode 9 - Where"s Minnie?

Minnie goes down to the prop basement to discover Mickey a birthday present, yet after realizing that she didn"t take Pluto, Mickey thinks the she"s lost and takes Pluto, Goofy and Donald through him to uncover her. Air date : 26th-Jan-2002Read More

Season 2 episode 10 - at sight Goof

After eating some contaminated peanuts, Goofy becomes a superhero named Super Goof, which no one seems to recognize is him regardless of not attract a mask or changing his voice. Now, he have to save the society from an oncoming meteor. Air date : 2nd-Feb-2002Read More

Season 2 episode 11 - King Larry swings In

King Louie"s brother Larry visits the residence of Mouse and also quickly wreaks havoc. Air day : 16th-Feb-2002Read More

Season 2 illustration 12 - Ladies" Night

Mickey pipeline Minnie in charge of the residence of mouse while he, Donald and also Goofy walk bowling. Minnie, Daisy, and also Clarabelle hold Ladies" Night, however Mortimer is obsessed through being a part of the show. Air day : 23rd-Feb-2002Read More

Season 2 illustration 13 - Dennis the Duck

Donald never ever thought that black and white cartoons were really as well funny, however a brand-new vintage character, a duck called Dennis, tries to win Donald over. Air day : 18th-May-2002Read More




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