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Who has had this, and what to be the outcome?At the specific same time the VTM-4 warning and the MIL (Check Engine) lights came on. There to be no other indication that a problem. Every little thing seemed typical at 75MPH.Stopped to inspect if possibly I had actually a low tire or some evident problem but found nothing. (kept engine running due to the fact that I was on the next of the road).Drove to next rest stop and also shut the the engine there. That restated v no problems. The VTM-4 light was now off, yet the MIL was still on. Drove home (200+ miles) v no noticible problems. No inexplicable noises, normal power, typical gas milage, etc.It will go come the dealer tomorrow AM to acquire checked.I will firmly insist that castle write any type of error codes found on the business ticket.

Hmmm?Got a contact from the dealer.The only code in the computer was for an EGR problem.They room replacing the EGR valve. It si no in share so i am gaining a loaner (enterprise rental) till that is fixed. It should be tomorow.Service advisor claimed she has actually not viewed this top top the Pilot but did have actually an problem with some various other Honda"s the would expedition the not correct error light some times.Hope the realy was simply a bad EGR valve.

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Did the vehicle shake or vibrate, also if slightly, at all as soon as this happened? The reason I"m asking this is since in the latter part of my trip, mine Pilot began to vibrate, not violently though, exactly
60MPH and also between 1700-1900RPM. I had actually to ease into those RPM ranges, reaching 60MPH for it come happen. As soon as I preserved the speed holding between those RPM numbers, the vibration to be sustained. When I stepped top top the gas, coming out of that RPM range, hence increasing the speed, the vibration stopped. Or, also when i let walk of the gas, the vibration stopped.I searched and also and also found a few posts explicate the samething that happened to me and one MDX owner had actually his EGR valve replaced as well like you had to. None of mine lights come on though, yet I walk pull end to the next of the highway and also checked the oil and also transmission fluids and all appeared normal.Since being back from the trip, ns haven"t to be able come reproduce the vibration to the level such the I can take it to the dealer and also show it come them. Yet I"m pretty certain it"s still there. Once it first happened, it happened while i was going uphill, so, i waited until I finished up walk downhill and also the samething happened. Once I ended up top top a flat road, the same occurred as well.I don"t recognize if we have actually a related problem, yet it"s something you"d rather not encouter, particularly when you"re travelling at such high speeds.What is an EGR, btw and also what is that is function? Thanks.