I"m working to rejuvenate a 93 Honda FourTrax 300 4x4, that"s to be stored in a garage under piles that junk because that the previous 15 years. I"ve got it running, and have rotate my fist to the torn left former outboard CV boot.

I choose up a instead of boot, but to download it I have to remove the prior axle (which is something I"ve never ever done). What do I have to do to remove the axle?




I can"t speak come specifics for her ATV, yet the basic process for removed an axle is:

Take turn off the nut holding the axle in the wheel hub. I perform this v a big socket wrench/breaker bar.

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Lift the hub to free it native the lower manage arm, climate slide the end of the axle ago through that (a hammer deserve to help) and swing the hub the end to the side to acquire it the end of the way.

Remove the other finish of the axle indigenous the transaxle/differential. On mine vehicle, this is accomplished by prying behind it v a screwdriver. Look very closely at what you"re doing and be mindful not to jam something in whereby it can damage something.

Installation is normally the turning back of removal, yet there space a couple of caveats. You could need some pressure to get the new axle to snap in, however you must make certain you don"t pull on the or you could separate the CV joints. And when you reattach the sphere joint, make certain to usage a good cotter pin. Ns once had actually one fall out or break off and also I shed the castle nut while driving...wasn"t fun.

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My preferred method is to eliminate the four bolts that host the 2 A eight on (14 mm where the A arms affix to the frame) there will be plenty of pat in the assembly to move it the end of the way, give the axle a an excellent yank and also it will come out of the prior differential, because that the exterior boot (I have actually never obtained one of lock apart with out damaging it) ns either purchase an end the joint boots (very cool, it just stretches end the whole joint ) or replace the within one too, it have the right to be bring away apart easily by removing the cable retainer simply inside the joint, there is a clip ~ above the end of the obelisk that stop the bearing cage on. Install the outer boot by slide it under the shaft and on the joint and also work your means to the inside boot and close it every up. Don"t forget those two clips that hold the within one together.

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