What"s the highest possible round you"ve got to in Zombies? 90+ hours of play time might put you at round 10,000!


4,059 days; That"s exactly how long it has actually taken football player to reach round 10,000 in contact of Duty: human being at War"s Nazi zombies mode.

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With a previous people Record the 9,948 by Rivv10, Cruppz has reached ring 10,751, making lock the first player to ever surpass the ten thousandth round on Shi No Numa and setting a brand-new World record in the process.

World Record

With less than thirty minute to go until the 100th hour of pat time, Cruppz"s record-breaking run was terminated by an error i m sorry kicked them the end of the match.

Highlights that the journey to ring 10,751

How was this accomplished and why did it take so long?

If you"ve never played the Nazi Zombies mode in contact of Duty: human being at War, where it every started, you"ll likely be pretty confused regarding how these documents are humanly possible. In the modern Zombies titles, together as contact of Duty: black Ops 3, also the above-average players tend to lose interest after ~ surpassing the round 100 milestone. As you progress throughout the rounds, they begin to become exponentially longer with an ext zombies per round; A mechanic i m sorry is not existing in the original mode.

In people at War, Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, and also Shi No Numa present a maximum of 24 Zombies per round, nevertheless of which ring you are on. The only exception to this dominion is Der Riese, where a cumulative amount of zombies space spawned in solitary player. To include on to this, starting on round 163 and also occuring in 50% that the rounds the follow, zombies can be got rid of with a solitary shot because of a bug.

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These two oddities make unfathomably high ring achievable in people at War. Yet that doesn"t median that it"s straightforward accomplishment by any kind of means, together you have the right to see, ring 10,000 took almost 93 hours of beat time to accomplish. Paired with the enhanced risk that errors that torment the greater rounds, reaching these milestones is very impressive.

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