Recently changed water pump and thermostat. Now we have no heat in the truck. What happened? We had heat before it was fixed.

More then likely you have an air pocket in the heater core so we need to pressure test the system first just to make sure there are no leaks. Here is a guide that will help with that: we need to make sure the cooling system is filled with no air pockets and I attached a video on how to do that on a Dodge van which will be similar. here is a more general guide on how to do this: we know the cooling system is filled properly then we need to retest the heat. Let us know and we can go from there. Thanks


Check the heater core hoses when engine is hot, if one is hot and one is cool, then heater core is blocked.If both are hot, then blend/divert door in dash.

Have changed thermastate and engine coolant level is normal, but engine continues to over heat and the heater blows only cold air. Could the problem be the heater core?

HI:Yes, the heater core could be plugged. However, that wouldn't cause the truck to overheat. I would have the radiator checked. It sounds like it may need boiled / rodded out due to corrosion. If the rad isn't allowing coolant to circulate, hot coolant may not be getting to the heatercore. Also, check to make sure that the radiator hoses are not collapsing when the vehicle gets hot (especially the lower rad hose). I've seen situations where the hose actually collapsed because it was old and weak. As a result, the vehicle overheated.Check out this guide me know if this helps. If not, we'll move on.Joe
I went to use the heat in my vehicle and I am getting little to none out of all the vents. Temperature gauge is reading a little over half way between 130 and 210. (Im guesing around 180 or so) Coolant levels are good, but the heater hoses going to the heater core are only luke warm. Not sure if the heater core is plugged or the blend door actuator is bad. Any ideas or info would be great. Thanks.
Not sure, would have to check when I get out of work on the way home and let you know. What would it mean if it did?
Could be either, first to check is the coolant level and life of the coolant. If its good then remove and test the thermostat to ensure it is opening / closing properly. If thats good as well than the heater core would be suspect.
No heat from heater. Replaced thermostat and 3 switch heater control. No leaks and waterlevel o/k what should I try next and how do you remove heater core. Is there a water flow control valve?
The heater control valve is located on the heater core hoses.First I want you to feel the hoses when the car is hot if one is hot, neither, or both are hot or if one is significantly hotter then the other.
I replaced the thermostat and flushed the hoses, but still only have very little heat, if it is the heater core how do you replace it or how much will it cost to have fixed
Its very common for the heater core to be plugged what always worked for me : Engine cool lower the coolant level Locate the two hoses running to the heater core disconnect them at the engine side leaving hoses connected to heater core throw the firewall use garden water hose and compressed air if possible run the water and follow by air throw one side and out the other and vice versa do that two to three times watching what leaving the heater core you are looking for the go flow and clear water to run through
Check the heater core if its clogged-up and if it has a heater control valve check that too-could also be a bad new Stat
My heater is only blowing cold air. IT will not heat up. If I drive a while (such as over 50 miles) it won"t even attempt to get any warmer. Could it be a Thermostat?
First feel the heater core lines directly at the firewall, if they are both hot but no hot air coming out chances are you have a bad blend door under dash.If one is hot and the other is cold you probably have a restricted heater core and you should change it or flush it.If neither are hot it could be a bad thermostat or heater control valve.
Ok so I just changed my heater core and im not getting warm air. You can tell the difference between the hot and cold air but it never gets close to warm. The lines to and from the core are getting hot, my thermostat is good, and the the truck its self is running at a good temp. The air flow is awesome so its not the blower motor and all my fluids are good an topped off. Im at a complete lose as to what the problem is and would really appreciate any ideas!Fyi this is the bottom of the line truck no fancy climate control or anything.
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Step 1 - A heater cannot operate unless the engine is full of coolant/antifreeze.If coolant level is low check the system for leaks.
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