The Undertaker win Brock Lesnar and also avenged his loss at WrestleMania XXX Sunday night at SummerSlam, however it appeared that Lesnar was robbed of a win moments before tapping out to Hell’s Gate.

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At the end of a brutal slugfest, Lesnar applied the Kimura Lock to The Undertaker, the move he supplied to break Triple H’s arm v in 2012. What followed was one of the strangest end to a WWE complement in years. The Undertaker tried to pen Lesnar’s shoulders to the canvas, forcing referee Charles Robinson to begin a three count, but was unable to score the pinfall. After ~ Robinson reached a counting of one and also stopped, the bell mysteriously sounded together if the complement was over, and also Paul Heyman commemorated a victory.

What Robinson didn’t check out was The Undertaker tapping out versus Lesnar’s leg. The Undertaker’s eight was obstructed indigenous Robinson’s view, though it taken place right in front of Heyman and was visible from where the timekeeper sat.

While Lesnar celebrated his win, The Undertaker recovered and also delivered a low blow to Lesnar before locking that in Hell’s Gate.

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Lesnar flipped The Undertaker a center finger and also passed out, forcing the referee to speak to the match.

Took this live. You have the right to see Taker wade weakly and also then collapsing. #SummerSlam #Undertaker #LesnarvsTaker #Lesnar

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