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When the punch was released in 2001, Jung had currently been in commonwealth prison for 7 years. The film’s tragic ending shows Depp together George Jung, wishing he has actually spent more time v his daughter and imagining an emotional reconciliation scene.

As the lonely and also depressed Jung walks ago into the prison from the yard, message reveals that in those 7 years of imprisonment, his daughter never pertained to visit him. You can see that photo from the movie above.


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3. Emma Roberts Played her in the Movie

The film reflects George Jung attempting to balance the increasing of his young daughter v his global cocaine smuggling organization in the 1980s. The young Kristina Jung is played by Emma Roberts. In ~ the time, Roberts was only 10 year old, and also her figure in Blow was her very first film role.

The genuine Kristina supposedly filmed a cameo in the movie, yet her scenes were removed.

Today, Roberts is finest known because that her duties in shout Queens, American fear Story, Palo Alto and also We’re The Millers. She is actor Eric Roberts’ daughter and also Julia Roberts’ niece.


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After meeting Colombian drug dealer Carlos Lehder in jail in Connecticut, Jung got in the cocaine organization with his former bunkmate, acquisition trips to Colombia and also convincing people to lug cocaine-filled suitcases from specific areas of the Caribbean. Capitalizing on America’s surge appetite because that cocaine, Jung’s service exploded.

According to a PBS interview, Jung functioned with Lehder and also Pablo Escobar‘s Medellin Cartel and started making countless dollars after purchasing his own airplane to ship huge quantities that cocaine.

Between the late 1970s and early ’80s, Jung declared he was giving 85 percent of the cocaine in America, follow to his website.

According to Celebrity network Worth, at his peak, Jung was pulling in $15 million per medicine run.

In an interview through PBS’ Frontline, Jung stated he didn’t think what he to be doing to be wrong because the medicine he to be bringing in were accepted throughout the 1960s.

“I felt that there to be nothing wrong through what ns was doing because I was giving a product to human being that wanted it and it to be accepted,” Jung described to PBS. “I average nobody really was do any an unfavorable statements about marijuana. In fact it to be being accepted, i think in ~ one time, in the 60s it come close to being legalized. Have actually a Woodstock whereby half-a-million world showed up and also everybody smoking cigarettes marijuana. Whereby else will get a conference of half-a-million world where no one was murdered, there was no violence or what have you.”