Upstairs in the windmill ~ above Horn Ranch you"ll find another pedestal, however the environment-friendly bell is missing. Where is Daren? Finn thinks possibly Witch could havean idea ~ above what to execute next. She lives in Fugue Forest.

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If you go to the forest entrance you"ll find that the gate is locked! Go back to Horn Ranch and also talk come Hanna. She doesn"t understand why the gate would certainly be locked as soon as it didn"t use to be locked, for this reason she sends her husband the end to investigate.

Return ago to the woodland entrance and also you"ll find Cain looking at the lock. He doesn"t have the key, yet he believes Dale has actually it.

Walk come the carpentry shop in the Garmon Mine District and also talk come Dale. That did undoubtedly lock the door come the forest and also hands over the key.

Use the crucial on the door in order come pass through the gate. You also need to have your Axe in her Rucksack before you can enter the forest.

The course through the woodland is a series of randomly generated screens. There"s about 12 random tree areas you have to pass through. As you walk right into each area, search for a small path that leads far from where you are. Occasionally the path can be surprise behind a tree ~ above the north-side of the screen. There are no dead ends, so keep searching if girlfriend don"t watch the path right away.


At the finish of the forest you"ll uncover the Witch"s house. As soon as you go within there"s nothing there yet a pink frog! probably Wizard to know something about this, for this reason head back to Harmonica Town.

Wizard to know all around the pink frog in Fugue Forest. It"s actually Witch! The Witch had tried to cast a spell to reclaim the divine tree. Also after Wizard had warned her not to perform it, she went ahead and had some unfortunate results. She"s stuck together a tiny froggie for the moment. Wizard deserve to restore her however he demands a couple of ingredients; a Hibiscus flower, Perfect Butter, and good Cornmeal. The Hibiscus deserve to only be discovered on the island come the south, which needs a watercraft to take trip there.

Go to the Fishery and talk come Ozzie. Boats have not arrived in Harmonica town for fairly some time, because of the truth that the Lighthouse is broken. The water aqueduct that flows v town is essential to operation the light on optimal of the lighthouse. Ozzie suggest that you go talk to Paolo, who is inside the Lighthouse.

Paolo will certainly tell you around the Lighthouse. That will additionally give girlfriend the crucial to the aqueduct gate that keeps the Watery cave protected. There is additionally a strange, cryptic map behind the on the wall:


The aqueduct gate is on the level in between Wizard"s house and Choral Clinic. Usage the vital on the gate to open up it. Within the Watery cave you"ll discover the Blue Bell on its pedestal!

Ask Ben come ring his bell, yet no matter just how much the pleads, the bell will certainly not ring. Has actually it forgotten exactly how to sound? Finn thinks the Goddess could know something.

Back at the pond, Goddess claims someone who knows around the Watery cave might it is in the human being who can help with the Blue Bell. Head ago to Paolo, who mentions the he heard indigenous his dad the the town itself can aid tune the bell. Paolo will suggest out the strange map on the wall that you witnessed before.

Oh, yet something is missing... Paolo walk some more drawing and also now the map makes an ext sense:


It looks choose the 2 of you will use the town"s aqueduct device to aid tune the bell. Friend just need to collect a couple of pieces:

Duck Egg:

You have the right to buy a Duckling native Horn Ranch because that 800 G. The Duckling will certainly take 7 days to mature into a Duck. The adult Duck will lay an egg every 2 days, and the quality of the Duck Egg won"t issue for this task.

Horn Ranch won"t offer duck egg at your shop until after girlfriend ring the eco-friendly Bell, so girlfriend must create the egg indigenous your own farm.


Black Pearl:

Near the Blue Bell"s cut down is a staircase down right into the Watery cavern mine. On level 25 you can see a black Pearl ~ above the ground for you to pick up. The black Pearl shines, so that is straightforward to clues on the dark cavern floor.

5 Fish:

You simply need a full of 5 fish. Any kind of kind the fish will certainly do, and they don"t need to be all of the very same species. You deserve to buy fish native Ozzie"s Fishery shop or record them yourself.

A publicly Day:

There"s no method to regulate this one, but most the the work on Castanet have actually some sort of breeze blowing. If you want to confirm, purchase a television set from Barbara at she shop in Garmon Mine District and also then clock Elli"s daily weather report. She"ll tell you the next day"s sunshine and wind report.


After you have all of the components necessary, speak to Paolo as soon as he is standing external the lighthouse. Tell him you have actually all the parts and then he will certainly freeze time (of sorts) so you have the right to walk around town and collection up the contraption.

The 5 fish require to enter the pool of water the is up the stairs to the left that the Orcarina Inn, the black color Pearl demands to go on the scale on the right-side the the inn"s door, and the Duck Egg needs to be placed on the roof that Hamilton"s house. You will certainly see small green arrows indicating whereby things should go.

When putting in the 5 fish into the pond, remember you room placing them in one at a time and not the entire stack that fish in ~ once.

After you have the piece in place, speak to Paolo in ~ the lighthouse to start the process. The egg will certainly roll under Hamilton"s roof, bounce turn off a tent, land in the aqueduct, roll down to the scale, which shoots the pearl up into the air and off the wind sock. The pearl will land in the institution of fish, who come to be startled and swim under the aqueduct, landing top top a collection of piano tricks which plays a tiny tune.

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Success! currently head earlier down come the Watery Cave, whereby the bell ring out and returns the strength of water come the land. You have the right to now catch new kinds the fish and travel by boat to Toucan Island. You"ll additionally unlock the mayor"s son, Gill.

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