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Does anybody have an opinion on the single shot 16 gauge offered by H&R? i am trying to find an cheap 16 gauge shotgun to execute some upland hunting. Thanks

dkiser, It would certainly be an excellent choice. You would certainly pay much less than $100.00 because that the gun, it will last you the remainder of her life and several generations more. If girlfriend can"t discover one in stock somewhere, Walmart deserve to order it for you and also get it relatively quick.
I sent my 410 reciever in and got a 16 ga barrel placed on it. Had actually it come the range the various other day and it shoot great. Can"t wait to shot it the end on some furry critters.Dave H.
Harrington & Richardson shotgun--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Can someone assist to find the model and also manufacturing year of:Harrington & Richardson 16 gauge solitary barrel shotgun. No. 267171Harrington & Richardson arms CoUS pat. Pend. 23 & 27 ( ? ) 1900 ( or 1933 ? )Year of production ?Similar 12 gauge is watched at

Guest, If you short article your question in the "Gun id & Value" forum above, girlfriend will acquire a quicker & an ext accurate answer. Many thanks for visiting SGW.

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Why obtain a 16 gauge barrel?Why collection yourself up for the hassel and uncertainty of finding hard-to-find and sometimes rare ammo?Where i live in Washington phibìc of Seattle we have actually lots that ducks and also pheasants, and a lot of hunting in Skagit, Island and Whatcom counties. I check out "little" if any type of 16 gauge ammo for sale, even at Walmart, K-mart or the best ma & pa gunshops in the area.With the ideal loads, a 20 gauge will perform anything a 16 gauge will certainly - and also 12 gaggers. There is no scarcity of 12 and also 16 gauge ammo for purchase. Sometimes I see huge selections of .410 and also 28 gauge tons for sale, but hardly any type of 16.Whether the 16 gauge is a superb round like the .358 Winchester or .41 Magnum, walk not adjust the truth these excellent cartridges space not renowned sellers. And all the wishing in the people won"t change these facts!So why set yourself up because that an endless headache in finding ammo? The 12 and also 20 gauge barrels ~ above the NEF (H&R) singleshot space no larger or no smaller and ammo is obtainable anywhere shells are sold. No constantly the situation for 16"s.