Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas Biography

The California born, Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas is a celebrity kid. Moreover, she is well-known as the daughter that Dorothy Jean Dandridge an african American singer, dancer, theater and film actress

As a celebrity kid of Dorothy Dandridge and also Harold Lloyd Nicholas, Suzanne Nicholas came to the limelight. There room no details about her work, though.

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On the other side, her mommy Dorothy Dandridge was an actress, singer, and dancer native the American film and also theater. During this time, her mother was the most famed black actress to have actually a successful Hollywood career. Likewise, because that her function in the 1954 film Carmen Jones, she came to be the very first to be nominated because that an Academy award for best Actress. At events such together the noodle Club and also the Apollo Theatre, Dorothy also appeared together a vocalist.

The Dandridge Sisters have actually later acted and starred in a collection of movies as part of The Wonder Girls, generally in uncredited duties in her early on career. The biographical film, introducing Dorothy Dandridge indigenous the 1999 HBO, is likewise available.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas Age

Suzanne to be born ~ above the 2nd that September 1943, in Los Angeles, California the USA. Together of 2019, her age is 76 year old while she birth sign is Virgo.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas Family


She is the just daughter of Dorothy Dandridge and Harold Lloyd. Her late mother Dorothy Jean Dandridge (1922-1965), among the most well known Hollywood actresses of that period. She to be the first African American actress nominated for an Academy compensation for ideal Actress for her function in the movie “Carmen Josen” in 1954. Also, she to be the first African-American actress to it is in on the covering of Life Magazine.

Talking around her father late Harold Lloyd Nicholas (1921-2000) popular anywhere the civilization for gift a dancer and also member that the world’s best tap-dancing pair called the Nicholas Brothers, along with his brother Fayard Nicholas.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas’ mommy Dorothy Jean Dandridge was an African-American entertainer, artist and just as an artist. She is the primary African-American on-screen character to victory an ‘Oscars’ assignment for ideal Actress because that her splendid exhibition in the movie ‘Carmen Jones’ in the year 1954.

Suzanne Nicholas Image

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas Husband

Suzanne Nicholas is holy spirit disabled, and her married life is impossible. Her mommy Dorothy, however, to be married and twice divorced. Her an initial husband is Harold Nicholas, a tap-specialized American dancer. In 1941, the pair wed. After 2 years later, the couple shared a daughter the Harolyn.

They separation for some personal reasons after nine years the marriage. She then married hen come Jack Denison, the hotel owner. When she was just 42 year old, she died under secret circumstances.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas body Measurement

Height: Not AvailableWeight: Not AvailableShoe Size: Not AvailableBody Shape: Not AvailableHair Colour: Not AvailableEye Colour: Not Available

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas Salary

Details around Suzanne’s salary space not yet disclosed. However, information around how much she provides will it is in updated as quickly as the is available.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas net Worth

Although she came from a really successful and talented family, she was not able to have her own career because of her mental disability. So, if you ever wondered how rich Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas is, we have the right to say that there is no information around that in the media, yet the indications space that her net worth would be minimal.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas Fathers Career

Her late father, Harold Lloyd Nicholas, is one American insanity dancer. The is the younger half of the Nicholas brother tap-dancing team, well-known as two of the biggest dancers in the world. Likewise, Fayard Nicholas was called by his older brother.

Her dad Harold likewise appeared at the MGM musicals one All-Colored Vaudeville display in 1935, Stormy Weather in 1943, The Pirate in 1948, and also The 5 Heartbeats in 1991.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas mother Death

Many economic failures and bankruptcies faced Dorothy. She had to offer up Harolyn’s parental rights, rendering she a California state ward. In September 1965, Dorothy died. Likewise, her reason of death is one overdose of medications. Her dad Harold passed away in 2000 after that.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas Death

There were a most speculations around the key question around her the Harolyn passed far in 2003. She death’s reports continued to be unconfirmed.

Likewise, no one seems to have verified any kind of current information about her. Even if it is she’s alive now is a mystery. Possibly if she to be living in a psychological hospital.

FAQ’S ( generally Asked Questions)

Who is Nicholas?

Harolyn Nicholas is one American celebrity kid

How old is Suzanne Nicholas?

Harolyn is 76 years together of 2019

How tall is Harolyn?

Not Available

Is Harolyn Nicholas married?

Nicholas is holy spirit disabled, and her married life is impossible.

How much is Harolyn worth?

Not Available

How lot does Nicholas make?

Not Available

What happened to Harolyn?

There were a lot of speculations around the key question about her, the Harolyn passed away in 2003. She death’s reports stayed unconfirmed.

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Where go Suzanne Nicholas live?

Not Available

Is Nicholas dead or alive?

Suzanne is still alive

Where is Harolyn now?

Not Available

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