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Hey guy I just bought a 2012 street bob and also noticed that is leaking oil out of the waiting cleaner. What is going on here and is it an easy fix?

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Ok. Very first Harley. Had me worried. The guy prior to me didn"t ride the much. Will it perform this all the moment or will certainly it walk away? need to I worry around loosing much oil and also needing to add some?
Clean or change the filter. Climate follow H-D"s instructions because that checking oil level. Make really sure no to overfill!! store the oil level just shy the the height mark, as soon as checked HOT.
Ok cycle only has 2700 miles on it. Doesn"t it seems ~ like many miles because that the waiting filter to currently be the dirty

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Ok so if that"s the instance should I drainpipe some oil or just let it blow out? To lot oil could reason other problems yea?
I just had actually the very same problem. 2500 mile on a fresh k & n filter and I started to view oil blow. Freaked me out. Prefer others have said, clean it.........fixed my trouble (the oil blow the is, the rest are still superior LOL)

Take a look at her spark plugs ! My hands-on says two and also a fifty percent quarts with just a filter adjust , 3 if engine was disassembled . For some mechanics that"s just too much trouble & just go ahead and also put all three quarts in . So now you have damaged your k & n air filter , have oil every over whatever including you & the bicycle . Spark plugs room dripping with oil , and all the excess oil has coated your throttle human body -intake manifold-combustion chamber-valves and piston crown ! The engine breather umbrella"s are most likely shot also . This is why it pays to have a manual & to learn how to DIY !

Take a watch at your spark plugs ! My hand-operated says two and also a half quarts with simply a filter change , three if engine to be disassembled . For some mechanics that"s simply too much trouble & just go ahead and also put all three quarts in . So now you have destroyed your k & n air filter , have actually oil every over whatever including friend & the bike . Spark plugs room dripping through oil , and all the excess oil has actually coated your throttle body -intake manifold-combustion chamber-valves and piston crown ! The engine breather umbrella"s are probably shot also . This is why it pays to have a manual & to learn just how to DIY !
As declared before- inspect your oil level. Drain some the end if necessary. That is a pains to drainpipe a little out at a time yet it can be done and if you drain too much simply be sure not to end fill when bringint it up to full. Can want come clean or change the waiting filter if necessary because it is saturated and may continue to drip for a while.

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If it aint damaged I"ll resolve it.09 EGC black color & Silver107" FMTW 555 CamsStage 2 HeadsPower Vision TunerJackpot Header & Mufflers

The oil in the waiting filter is a normal role of the engine. The head breathers separate many of the oil indigenous the air the gets expelled and the residual mist goes right into the waiting cleaner back plate to gain recycled through the engine. In suitable world this would work perfectly however in the real human being some oil mist gets stuck in the air filter. At some point the filter gets clogged and starts dribbling oil top top the engine covers, time to clean the filter.Unless friend ride in extremely dusty problems I wouldn"t oil the air filter, remember her head breathers are taking treatment of the for you !
Disclaimer : Don"t believe anything ns say uneven you space absolutely sure that I know what I"m talking about .
Clean her filter and drain some oil out. Leaving oil, when hot, halfway in between full and add . It"ll be fine . :thumb
Sorry , guess i was a little too harsh . Didn"t median to discourage girlfriend but every one of the over is possible maybe no probable though . Good luck ....hope everything works out ok because that ya .Ride safe & journey Righteous !
friend of mine to buy a brand-new 2010 ultra from neighborhood harley dealership love the cycle no difficulties he alters his very own oil. In 2011 v 10k top top the cycle he had the exact same dealership execute a big bore kit he also purchased the expanded warranty. Just after breakin it began leaking oil out the aircleaner down the next of bike top top the pipeline = huge mess. He take it it to harley castle cleaned that up put in new aircleaner told that he must have actually put in too lot oil on last change. In ~ 30 mile oil to be dripping the end of cleaner - he took it ago they cleaned everything put in a brand-new airfilter under vouch told that to run the bicycle 1/2 quart low oil will deal with the prob. 30 miles later on same leak took it ago harley told the they may have actually miss alligned one oil manage passage once they go the big bore kit - they retained the bike because that a week told him they tore it down re assembled addressed the prob - 30 miles later on same leak take it it ago they told him there was nothing they might do sorry - the told them i am no leaving this dealership with a bike the leaks oil on mine garage floor - after ~ a couple of days the dealer told my friend that harley corp had opened a special ticket to wherein they obtain directly involved in fixing the trouble - two weeks later they referred to as asked him come come down to dealership lock told him they had no idea what to be wrong causing the leak - harley corp wanted the bike earlier and authorized the dealership to provide him a full refund on whatever including big bore kit and also extended warranty towards the acquisition of a brand-new bike - that rode residence on a new 2012 ultra limited. If you find the difficulty please permit me recognize thanks