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I"m trying to find the torque worths for a 2015 road Glide Special. Prior calipers bolts, axle pinch bolt and also the axle nutTIA


Here"s the procedure just in case...Slide axle through best fork and also external spacer right into wheel hub.Push axle through front WSS (if ABS equipped) or 2nd external spacer, and also left fork.Install flat washer and also axle nut.ABS models: revolve WSS until it contacts rear of fork slider. Earlier off just sufficient to preserve clearance in between the WSS cable stem and also fork slider.Hold axle stationary and also tighten axle nut to 94.9–101.7*N·m (70–75*ft-lbs).Push and hold best fork slider inboard till it contacts outside spacer. Tighten axle pinch screw come 24.4–29.8*N·m (18–22*ft-lbs).Front Brake caliper mounting bolts 28-38 ft lbs
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