The Djinn guide in the game now documents an excerpt around the Djinni and also where it was first met. Some of the old ones room making your return, while new ones are making their debut.

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Ever wonder why it has been said there were over 80 to collect? That"s since there space 83 entries in the encylopedia. Several of them belong come Isaac and also Garet, so you don"t get to store them.

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"Point that No Return"

One of the many frowned upon facets of Dark Dawn is losing accessibility to previously visited places... Permanently.

Here, we"ve identified some points in the story the you need to look the end for. You can miss a lot of Djinni in the end, therefore be sure to check prior to reaching any type of point!

Note: also though the wall surfaces close off the enntrance gate to Belinsk Ruins, you deserve to still usage Retreat until point 3 is reached.

This spirit was Isaac"svery first Djinni. Flinttalks a good deal, butis both knowledgeableand nice, so no onecomplains.

Found ~ above the Overworld as quickly as friend take your first couple of steps forward. The team thinks the it"s a an excellent chance to capture it, however Flint responds that it isn"t important -- Isaac was concerned so he sent Flint come be with you.
This bolstering spiritis encountered atPatcher"s Place.Forge"s blazing flamestirs allies come greaterferocity in battle.

PP Atk Def Agil Luck

At Patcher"s Place, run as much as the higher levels the the store until you space outside. Climb up the cliff come the left of the Djinni to reach the Psynergy cultivate Grounds. Align the 3 pillars horizontally and climb increase the adjacent tree to get across. Hop on height of the tree to the right, climb down, and use expansion on the sapling to climb down.
This spirit of intensecold is discovered atCarver"s Camp.Chill"s attack rendersenemies brittle andvulnerable.

PP Atk Def Agil Luck

Found at Carver"s Camp and also can be obtained as shortly as you visit it for the very first time. In the southeastern component of the area, there"s a tree beside a villager you deserve to hop on. Rise down, use Growth, and also you"ll reach the Djinni.
This fleet spirit is firstencountered at theGoma Highlands Road.Gust"s tremendousspeed always gets thejump on one enemy.
Complete Goma Highlands Road and also enter Carver"s Camp. In the northwest area, go approximately the house and also use relocate on the column twice to bring it under to act as a bridge back to the west. Usage Fireball top top the nearby cart, hop in, and use Fireball to go. Head up to satisfy with the Djinni.
This soul of dreamsand hallucinations isfound near Konpa Gate.Fever"s power overheatsa foe"s brain, causingdelusional thinking.
This flower heart isfound by the gate tothe Konpa ruins.Flower"s sweet scenthas a refreshing andhealing effect.
Found at Konpa Gate. You require to obtain the gate Card indigenous the Psynergy training Grounds over Patcher"s Place. When you obtain through, climb approximately the higher level and jump on the tree. Once the Djinni look at you and hides, usage Whirlwind to reveal it.
This lightning spirit isfirst encountered atthe Konpa ruins.Jolt generates a shockthat can carry anunconscious allyaround again.
At the peak of Konpa Ruins, whereby you"ll check out this Djinni watching from above. Enter the room below it and solve the puzzle to earn the tight Crystal. Outside, usage Grip to gain closer come the Djinni. After that goes up, go roughly counter-clockwise to chase it earlier to the pole. Walk clockwise and use tight on the pole behind it come crash into it.
This spirit of crystallizedice joins the party withRief. Sleet"sattack wraps enemiesin blinding cold, makingfighting much more difficult.
This heart of fire"s lastremnants is very first metin Harapa. Cinder canignite vigor in anunconscious allythrough sheerdetermination.
Upon beginning Harapa, get in the Sanctum in the top right edge of the town. It is the white sparkle icon indicated in the upper map. Once inside, walk up the staircase and also through the door to end up external again. Usage Rief"s Douse top top the fire slightly northwest, hop over, and also continue upwards into the Harapa Ruins.
This spirit embodies thewinds in ~ the highestaltitudes and also is foundin west Kaocho.Allies find Ether"spresence calming, evenin the midst of battle.
This challenging spirit is firstmet on the PassajMountain Climb. Bark"srough hide deserve to protectallies choose a shield.
When you first see the in the Passaj hill Climb disregard it and go left to find green Zol. Usage Whirlwind ~ above it and also use it to relocate on. To solve the small puzzle, slide the Zol right. Rise up the ladders, evade the whirlwinds, and also slide under the furthest ideal slope so you have the right to push the Zol down. Slide it come the right to produce the path.
This love heart isfirst discovered in Kaocho.Steel"s assault is avitality-stealing kissthat pipeline enemieswanting more.
Enter the palace area of Kaocho. At approximately the middle part of the staircase, use Grip and pull yourself to the left flag pole. Go under the ladder, and head down v the river by your side come the town part of Kaocho. Stole is just a lily pad away.
This soul embodiesliving breath and isfound in Ayuthay.Breath specialization inhealing allies in thenick that time.
After the occasion at the Alchemy Well causes the water to recede, usage the south departure of the covert Ayuthay city till you"re outside. Stand on the raft come the left and also use Whirlwind to push you down and also right. Gain off and hop on the following raft. Go down, left, up, right, and get turn off here. Hop ~ above the lily pads come the right and also climb up the ladder. If friend missed the Djinni, went back at a later point, and the water level is up, questioning the man at the enntrance gate to take you across. Use the raft nearby and go right, then hop top top the lily pads to gain to whereby you need to be.
This geyser spiritjoins the party inBarai Temple.Surge have the right to conjurea hot-spring effectthat relieves fatiguefor allies.
In Barai Temple. Be adjacent and usage Fireball on the Djinni to do it move. Usage Arid warmth on the key if there"s water in the so you deserve to climb under to it.
This spirit has influenceover sleep and also joinsyour party follow me withAmiti. Mist"sattack enshrouds afoe"s mind, make itready because that sleep.
This heart of calmwaters befriends theparty follow me withAmiti. Mellow"suntroubled aurashields the partyfrom hostile Psynergy.
This spirit representsaggressive sea life andjoins the party with Amiti.Claw"s strike leaves afoe more vulnerable toPsynergy.
This spirit embodieswhirlwinds and is foundin the Ouroboros.Vortex"s attack leavesenemies bright andunable to check out straight.
Middle-left map the Ouroboros B2F. Use Whirlwind on the Zol, operation left, climb the ladder, and also get throughout before the Zol falls. Use relocate on the ideal snake statue and also push the left. Use relocate on the line statue behind the Djinni and push it to the left till it falls. Head come the much left to slide down. Push the Zol to the right. Usage Whirlwind ~ above the Zol and make it throughout to the Djinni.
This heart representsfire"s regulating aspectand is discovered in Passaj.Brand have the right to lock anenemy"s Psynergy inplace v a heat seal.
Must activate Passaj by put the sol Mask indigenous the Ouroboros right into the Alchemy Forge. Walk to the northeast component of the town and go up the newly created staircase (or alternatively, you deserve to go to the west side). Operation through and exit southern using the left exit. From there on it"s reasonably straight forward.
This heart representsthe overpowering coldof a glacier and is metat the Harapa ruins.Serac"s assault sucks allheat away from theenvironment instantly.
At the enntrance gate of the Harapa ruins B3F, take it the left route until you"re in the key room through an ice decision at the center. Hug the NW component of the room and enter the doorway on the left side. Step on the button to open the doors, then go south all the way. Slide on the ice to the east side that the room. Go in the left door. Push the statue every the means to the left. Usage it to slide left to the key room. Indigenous here, move up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, down.
This heart representsfire"s strength to meltand is first met inKaocho. Lava"s attackis hot enough tomelt opponent defenses,leaving foes vulnerable.
After Amiti joins, go to Kaocho. The tea residence will currently be open. Enter the save with the picture of a dumpling ~ above it, and also buy a Kaocho Dumpling indigenous the cook. Speak to the guy in town who is impede the means to the Djinni and also he"ll move. Hop over the lily pads.
This soul is uncovered inHarapa. Brick"s controlover stones allowsfor the immediate creationof protective barriers.
After obtaining Cold Snap and completing the Harapa Ruins, rest at the Harapa Inn to continue on v the story. Prior to you leave, walk to the SW area of town and use Cold Snap top top the puddle. Go to the eastern exit, however before completely exiting out, look to the left because that a sapling. Use Growth and also make your means to the ice shaft so you can enter the house.
This soul representsstill air and also is discovered atCraggy Peak. Doldrumcan organize an opponent inplace through encasing it inunmoving wind.
As you have to solve the puzzles in all the zodiac rooms the Craggy Peak, it"s an overwhelming to miss this Djinni. It"s inside among the final rooms (Taurus) trapped inside the jaws the a lion head, however using Fireball on it will complimentary it. Turn the center staircase to with it.
This heart embodies hotrage and also is an initial met atTe Rya village. Furysummons the soulsof those who diedin anger come attackenemies.
In the east side of Te Rya Village, rise a tree to obtain near an unlit torch alongside a freezing sheep. It"ll move out of the way so you deserve to reach the Djinni.
This spirit carries therefreshing feeling ofmorning dew and also ismet close to the Tepperuins. Dewdrop cleansesthe party of toxin andthe like.
Buy a Trusty employee in the item artifact shop in car Rya prior to heading to the ruins. Usage Fireball top top the Djinni to make it swim in the water, then provide the Trusty staff to the dark-haired lady within a house. Follow she out and she"ll fish the Djinni out.
This spirit of energeticwinds befriends theparty along withSveta. Fleet"svigor inspires alliesto plot faster.
This uplifting soul joinsthe party along withSveta. Waft"ssoothing fragrance lullsan foe to sleep.
This electrical spiritjoins the party with Sveta. Bolt"sconstantly chargingcurrent shocks a foesenseless.
This heart of softwinds join the partywith Sveta.Breeze"s calminginfluence shelters themind indigenous harmfulPsynergy.
This soul of swirlingvapors join the partywith Sveta.Haze have the right to granttemporary sanctuaryto a girlfriend in the formof concealing mists.
This heart hasinfluence end seedsand is discovered in theTeppe ruins. In battle,Vine tree seedsthat grow with amazingspeed to hamper foes.
Teppe ruins in a large room shortly before the exit. There"s a patch of grass to the south. Move the shaft up one come block its path in the grass.
Desire is the provinceof this spirit, that youfirst fulfill in Belinsk.Furrow"s attacktakes vitality fromfoes through force.
Once you exit out the the Teppe Ruins and also onto the civilization Map, look in the direction of the eastern to find a tiny island v a bridge and run approximately there to uncover it in a arbitrarily battle.
This torrential spiritis met in Belinsk. Theforce that Spout"s wateryattack pipeline behinda mist the obscuresa foe"s vision.
Enter the basement that Belinsk"s sanctum and also use move on the bookshelves close to the staircase to expose a surprise door. Accessible until approaching the monster on the ship in Belinsk Docks post-eclipse.
This spirit representspowerful currents andis found in Belinsk.Torrent"s tremendousenergy is contagiousand provides the wholeparty relocate faster.
NE area of the city, Belinsk Docks. Move the left box as soon as to the right. Relocate the right box down two times, left once. Use Cold Snap on the puddle to complete the bridge. This Djinni is actually available until you speak to Eoleo to collection sail ~ above the delivery post-eclipse.
This spirit of inevitabilityis discovered north ofBorder Town. Gearscan force evil beingsto rotate on oneanother.
This sandstorm spirit isfirst encountered inBorder Town. Sirocco"sswirling winds reduceenemy visibility to zero.
Enter the building at the bridge and climb approximately go outside. Usage Grip to relocate to the home on the right and also go downstairs.
This heart embodies thelife-giving nature ofthe sea and is firstmet at port Rago.Coral"s aura restoreslife and also health to theinjured.
Port Rago Canal. Near the front of Briggs"s delivery is a bowl. Use Arid warm on the key to lower the level, then go up into the brand-new revealed passage.
This light soul is firstencountered in ~ theDream Tree. Glareemits irradiate intenseenough to remote andinjure one enemy.
The Phantasmal Bog, south about two areas from the room through the huge leaf. Cold Snap the puddle, then press the vertical log in to the right. Roll the horizontal log down and freeze the pond underneath so that elevates this log. Use it to with the Djinni.
This soul of lingeringfragrances is very first metin Saha Town. Wisp canrefresh the mind andheart through invigoratingaromas.
You"ll most most likely spot this Djinni when heading to Kolima via the wells in Saha, however it"s unobtainable till you clean the Phantasmal Bog there, wherein you would achieve the crush Psynergy required to rest the absent blocking the way.
This tree heart is foundin Kolima Village. Garlandhas a satisfied fragrancethat immediatelyrefreshes and relievesfatigue.
Kolima in the branches the the Djinn Tree. Start by start the item shop, then make your way around through hopping from branch to branch.
Laurel uses this spiritof emotion together herenvoy, periodically toher regret. Pewter"sattack can penetratestrong defenses withmolten metal.
This heart embodiestears shed in grief andis encountered inKolima Forest.Teardrop"s own tearscan lug people backfrom the brink the death.
West part of the Kolima Junction. Roll the vertical log to the left so it meets up v the other two. Use Crush ~ above the boulder, then usage the newly formed bridge to go north in the direction of a waterfall wherein it"s hiding.
This heart of cloudsis first encountered atTalon Peak. Puff fillsenemies v cloudstuffuntil they burst.
Talon peak after defeating the mountain Roc. Go with its body until you obtain to the other side and also use crush on the edge of the crumbling cliff to loss where the Djinni is.
A soul of the void, thisDjinni is discovered deep inthe Belinsk ruins.The vacuum withinChasm drawseverything in.
Belinsk ruins B2 ~ passing v the Sun/Moon/Matter gate. Crush the peak right peg and use them come hop to the west side. Like the peg alongside the Djinni to elevate it whereby it"ll hop off. To like the peg the it was on so the doesn"t have almost everywhere to run.
This spirit representspeaceful sea life and ismet in Belinsk. Pincer"sattack erodes anenemy"s ability toresist Psynergy.
Belinsk after the Luna Tower activates and also before fighting the monsters in the Belinsk Docks when the eclipse occurs. Talk to the sleeping guy in a house on the left side of town so he"ll spill a drink by the fireplace.
This soul of burningpain joins the partywith Eoleo. Refluxis essentially cowardlybut lashes out withhorns as soon as approached.
This spirit of warm ragejoins the party withEoleo. Wrath"svicious strike mayexhaust one enemyimmediately.
This spirit has actually influenceover spicy warm andis a favorite ofEoleo"s. Chili"spower leaves a foebreathless and unableto move.
This spirit of fadinglight join the partywith Eoleo.Glow breathes top top theremaining embers oflife, rejuvenatingknocked-out allies.
This spirit reasons firesto burn ever hotter andjoins with Eoleo.Stoke"s inspiringpresence rallies friendsto fight much more fiercely.
This positive spiritrepresents the waterthat bubbles fromsprings and is discovered inHarun Village. Spring"swater is supernaturallyrefreshing.
This soul representsearth"s binding powersand is very first met onWarrior"s Hill. Chain"sattacks hold a foein place to assist alliescoordinate strikes.
While you complete Warrior"s Hill, you"ll have to finish up outside of the left tower. Be sure you satisfy with this Djinni before moving on.
This spirit of blazingheat is first met atNihan. Sizzle"s attacksears foes, leavingthem vulnerable tofurther attack.
This soul representsflight and also is discovered inYamata. Native a highvantage point Kitegives the party keytactical advice, allowingfor one extra action.
This metallic heart joinswih Himi.Buckle"s affect overmetals can hardensubstances to manytimes their originalstrength.
This fragrant spiritis met along withHimi. Clover"sfresh scent appears tocleanse the soul andis rather calming.
This heart joins theparty through Himiand to be born from amineral formation.Geode paint, etc powerfrom far undergroundto attack.
This soul brings fieryinfluence to somefoods and also joins theparty with Himi.Pepper deserve to overwhelman enemy"s senses,leaving the foe stunned.
This spirit of speedjoins the team withHimi. Swift isthe faster of every spiritsand constantly strikesbefore an foe can.
This soul of burningwinds is first found ata tiny desert island.The violent windsSimoom creates arescorchingly hot and also actlike a toxin in the body.
This climbing-plant spiritis uncovered in Passaj. Witha single look into Ivy"seyes, an enemy maybe immediatelypetrified.
Passaj hill Climb. Go into the Inn and also talk come the lady in the bed, go into the ago hallway, and also get the Old Rag indigenous the much upper left room. Offer it come the lady, go back to the table wherein you discovered the Old Rag, and also talk to the man on the left to have him join. Go within the elevator room in Passaj and inside operation to the much left whereby a vast Zol is sticking the end for a cutscene.
This indomitable firespirit is encounteredin Tonfon. Tinder canrestoke life"s firewith perfectreliability in anunconcious ally.
This heart representsthe fiery passion ofmusic and is discovered inChampa. Fugue"sinfectious rhythmexhausts foes"mental strength.
This heart of churningoceans is an initial metnear Tonfon. Foam cancreate areas of tidalinstability that slowenemies down.
This musical spirit isfound on an island inthe Otka Sea. Lull"ssong is comforting andcauses combatants tohave problem continuingthe battle.
There"s a cyclone that renders a huge circle roughly Otka Island and the Nihan continent (where Yamata is), so if you stick approximately Otka you"re bound come run into it. Get the ship picked up by it and it"ll instantly drop you turn off at the island. Inside, every it takes is Himi"s find Psynergy to get to Lull.
This soul embodiescrusted ice and is meton an island in the farnorth. By encasing anenemy"s mind in ice,Rime can seal thatfoe"s Psynergy
The Iceburg Outpost. Climb to the peak by going come the left side and using growth on the sapling. Cross the wooden planks ~ above the roof and slide down to whereby the Djinni is. If friend go through the cutscene very first before meeting it, it"ll display emotion.
This heart representswater under pressureand is discovered near Imil.Geyser"s attackconsists the a highlypressurized spray ofwater.
The Snowdrift Shrine. When you rise to the an extremely top and also see it, it"ll slide down. Go down the same slope and slide to the left a small so you deserve to knock that down.
This soul is associatedwith death and is foundat the damages in Yamata.Hemlock"s grim powersentences the livingto imminent death.
Deep in the Yamata Ruins. While completing it, you"ll find a room with a yellow tablet. Take the left ladder and also keep advancing north till you find another sand portal puzzle. Hemlock is ~ above the lower left ledge.
This motivating fire spiritis encountered at thevolcanic island cave.Flare"s ecstatic lightelevates andrefreshes the mind.
In the basement of burn Island Cave, hug the wall counter-clockwise till you check out the Djinni. Use Eoleo"s thermal on the updraft nearby and usage it to go up. Press the shaft down, climate slide down. Currently you can obtain close to it to usage Thermal, sending out the Djinni up. Return to the top level and meet it.
This heart of seashellsis encountered atGaia Falls. Shell"s hardskin protects alliesagainst the moststorm-tossed seas(and enemy attacks).
Gaia falls Islet, i m sorry is uncovered far eastern at the leaf of the world. Inside, go southern through the islet to walk outside and also enter through a various entrance. Use Grip to walk upwards, fighting against the currents until you with the waterfall.
This spirit of the sun"swarming touch is foundat Apollo Sanctum.Aurora"s gentleinfluence heals otherDjinn, speeding theirrecovery.
Apollo Sanctum Gate, in the Venus room. Operation to the eastern side and also move the most eastern frostbite to do a pole expand from the wall. Run earlier and climb under the ladders to with the lower level, then run to the east using grip on the way.
This spirit representsthe lifeblood the treesand plants and is anold friend of Isaac"s.Sap"s assault absorbsvitality native foes.
This soul controlsgravity and is a friendof Isaac"s. Ground"sattack create gravitywells strong enough toparalyze an enemy.
This heart of really hardstone is among Isaac"sfriends. In battle,Granite"s tough,wall-like human body candefend allies.
This heart representsthe heal energies ofthe earth. Quartz canheal wounds byfocusing ambientenergy right into a livingcreature.
This spirit shows thetrace mineral presentin life creatures andis a girlfriend of Isaac"s.Salt can cleanse andpurify an ally"s bodyof harmful effects.
This spirit ofconcentrated warmth isa friend of Garet"s.Torch"s focused attackpasses v anysort of protection.
This spirit of radianceis Garet"s friend. Thebrilliant speed of Shine"sattack blinds enemiesaround that is target.
This glow spiritis a girlfriend of Garet"s.The light the comesoff speed is intenseenough come softenenemy blows.
This spirit of fire"spersistence is Garet"sfriend. Spark"snever-say-die attitudeinspires allies to fighton regardless of setbacks.
This spirit of fire"s lightis a girlfriend of Garet"s.Corona"s glowingradiance is strongenough to bluntenemy attacks.
This spirit of ignitionis a friend of Garet"s.Kindle"s influence allowsallies come exceed theirusual boundaries of strengthand power.

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