About two years ago, I remained in this cute little card shop in the funky city of Woodstock, NY and also my eye recorded a handmade map of an ink drawing of Benjamin Franklin through his quote : God Heals and also the doctor Takes the Fee.

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Intuitively, i bought the card and placed that on a shelf in mine studio, wherein I have the right to see it and also think around it almost every day.
This Karrik card is hand designed and printed with an old letterpress!

Now, together you well know, Benjamin Franklin to be a really smart guy! that was no only one of the “Founding Fathers” that drafted the explanation of Independence and the structure of the joined States, yet an inventor (of bifocal glasses among other things), a scientist, a writer, a Freemason, a philosopher and also the list goes on.
Ben was additionally a revolutionary thinker. And as one open-minded revolutionary thinker, he was not afraid come express his beliefs around many things, consisting of his belief in God.
To me, it means thinking the God elevation of any religion. God produced each one of us and we ALL have the strength to affix with Him. God has actually blessed each of us through a magnificent Light or holy Spirit the can guide us to our true selves. And also your true self is Unconditional Love! We have actually a connection to God in ~ us and we are never ever separate native him. Never!
All healing comes from within. It doesn’t matter what medication you take, or what treatment you choose. That doesn’t matter if you take it a conventional route or choose an alternate path. What problem is the the path that you select resonates through you and also that the physician or practitioner that you choose also resonates with you, too. Remember the healing comes from within and also every medical professional knows this.
When I very first walked right into Dr. Gurevich’s office, I plainly remember that saying the he could assist me to acquire well. But I knew, in mine heart, that it was approximately me to HEAL! and also for me to heal, I had actually to check out myself as a HEALER! So, through the aid of Dr. Gurevich and his holistic strategy to healing, I started to see, feel and also experience the HEALER within me.
By connecting to the divine Light or holy Spirit within us, we are connecting come God. God is Love and Love is the best healer!
Prayer and meditation have actually been proven to placed you in a healing and also positive state. (Click Prayers, Blessings and Healing Affirmations for much more info)
Here is a meditation the was provided to me through Dr. Gurevich to assist undo the ego (thoughts the fear, anger, concern , guilt, etc.) and also retrain your thoughts to “what is real, what is true and also of God”.
“Turn her mind, her thoughts and you day over to the holy Spirit. Provide it earlier charge and control. Let it be the boss instead of the ego.
Ask the holy Spirit to assist you, forgive, heal and correct your mind therefore you deserve to experience only what is real and true and of God.
Close her eyes. View a beautiful white light the extends almost everywhere without limit – soothing, pure love coming toward you: Just before it gets to you, imagine an altar appearing just prior to you. ~ above the altar, location all your desires, dreams, goals and plans – whatever you think you need to make friend happy. Clock them disappear right into the light, a gift native God.
Also, place your worries, problems, fears, illnesses, and also all feeling of darkness, limitations or guilt top top the altar. Watch it disappear into the light. Feel the light surround and envelop you, becoming one through the light, pure love expanding in all directions infinitely – feel yourself walk on forever; one through God, pure love, pure happiness – nothing missing – feeling full and also complete. Feel you are the same and also one with God. The human body disappears. We are everywhere expanding forever in every directions – pure spirit.
Say to God: father – i love friend – thank you for constantly loving me and also creating me specifically like you – we space one. Thank you for always being with me, caring because that me, protecting me, watching end me. Say thanks to you because that the suffer of being v you forever.

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Feel the everyone girlfriend have ever before known and loved, people, animals, are right here with you together one. Get lost in God’s love within the light. Feeling the deep love and gratitude you have actually for God and God’s love because that you.
Stay in the silence immersed in the light because that 5 minutes. Open your eyes and also ask the holy Spirit to aid you mental this emotion of love and oneness through God. Transparent the job if something disturbs your peace or irritates you, make call with the divine Spirit and also ask the to help you pardon anything in her mind having to do with this, to heal it and also correct her mind so that you can know and also remember what is true and of God.”
Another an effective and effective way to connect to the healer in ~ is v tapping. Tapping or Mental ar Therapy is a extensive healing tool that can assist you to get over anxiety, fear, pain, past emotional trauma and unresolved emotional conflicts, etc., by merely tapping ~ above acupuncture points. Ns was presented to tapping through Dr. Rasa and also Dr. Gurevich who practice MFT to help heal your patients.
MFT has given me the power to overcome plenty of fears by pass my are afraid into my consciousness and replacing the are afraid with love affirmations. My affirmations had actually to include this expression - “with the help of God, I can dissolve this fear and be healthy and whole “ in bespeak to overcome the belief that i didn’t have the strength to cure myself. Believing and saying the God was within me and helping me was important for mine healing and correcting mine ego thoughts. (See Mental field Therapy and also my post, I think I’m obtaining The Fear because that my own MFT sessions)
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