Trying to uncover the period of a stainless Marlin design 60 SB and I am having actually no luck. Serial is 98412***.Any aid appreciated. Anyone recognize what these are worth?


How did you come up through that number? that was among the website I found while searching and just states to subtract an initial two digits from 2000

It speak in the link. Ns may have did wrong that though.


"On Marlin-branded design 60 rifles, the very first two number of the serial number suggest the year that manufacture. For example, if the serial number starts with 18... The 18 is significant, because that subtracting the from 2000 provides the day of manufacture because that the rifle, 1982. Likewise, a serial number starting with 17 would certainly be a rifle produced in 1983. As such your version 60 was manufactured in
.This method has not been uniformly followed. That is valid just from 1971 with 1999. Before 1971, the an initial two digits indicated the year that manufacture. For example, a rifle v a serial number starting with 70... Would have actually been do in 1970. Beginning in 2000, this exact same old an approach has returned; the an initial two digits once more indicate the year of to produce directly, through no subtraction required. "from Marlin owner site. Appears a little confusing.

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Bunnykid....sadly, nothing I"ve viewed in this thread appears to assist you!! unless yours was made in 98 and whoever proclaimed that the an initial 2 numbers changed over prior to 2000 together someone stated. Ns may have to go out and also dig mine out and see what it says. It have to be a mid to late 80s model(I don" think my dad had to to fill out any type of paperwork once we purchase it. Those were the days)...
Mine starts through ns am guessing 1988 which would make sense. It remained in that timeframe somewhere.
Guess ns will just message Marlin myself and also see what they have to say. Will article up when I hear ago from them
you take the very first 2 numbers in the serial and subtract those indigenous 2000 to obtain your mfg began over again ~ 2000 so if you have anything 99, 98, 97, and so on then friend subtract from 2100.this was told come me specifically by a Marlin rep as soon as I started collecting the design 60"s.

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