For as long as I have the right to remember, I’ve relied on Gatorade together my electrolyte replacement sporting activities drink of choice. It’s one of the few exceptions ns make come my personal “no high fructose corn syrup” rule, and the nutrition ar of the Gatorade website explains their look at sound reason for utilizing HFCS in their sports drink formulation.

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Of course, among the benefits of Gatorade because that me is that the product is gluten-free. (I’m fiercely faithful to the original divine Trinity the Gatorade flavors: lemon-lime, orange, and fruit punch.) top top my many recent pilgrimage to the grocery store, i couldn’t aid but an alert a total overhaul in the labeling, i m sorry has synchronized with Gatorade’s brand-new image and also switch come the “G” logo design with the orange lightning bolt v it.

Concerned that this new label might also indicate a adjust in the formulation the the drink, I easily checked the ingredient list. Certain enough, I discovered something new that wasn’t over there before: modified food starch. Together you know, MFS can frequently be a hidden source of gluten in foods, therefore I immediately contacted Gatorade customer service.

I heard back earlier this day from Gatorade customer Relations. The amendment food starch is offered “to help thicken our products,” ns was told. (Why they have to thicken a sports drink, i don’t know.) However, they also explained the their MFS is corn-based, and also that their drinks continue to be gluten-free. So, without belaboring the Gatorade issue longer 보다 I need to, the take house message is this: drink up, gluten-free athletes. Your sports drink is safe.

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– Pete

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GFE--gluten cost-free easily says

January 15, 2009 in ~ 1:23 am

I can’t carry out Gatorade. Even though it’s gluten free, it gives me an prompt headache. Mine husband reaction the very same way. Possibly it’s the dyes that space used.

It’s my understanding that MFS is one of two people made indigenous corn or wheat, for this reason if it had been do from wheat, it would need to be displayed on the label. Tho I can see why you called–reassurance is constantly good! This is an instance of why ns wish they had actually just do the FALCPA law to display all gluten to start with. Then us wouldn’t need part one and part two and also all that’s required to figure out if foods items are gluten free to 20 ppm or much less (if the is the level the FDA decides on). Anyway, let me get off my soap crate …