To me, comes from you, friend is a four letter word. End is the only component of words That ns heard. Contact me morbid or absurd.

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yet to me, coming from you, girlfriend is a 4 letter word. come me, coming from you, friend is a 4 letter word. End is the only part of words That i heard. Call me morbid or absurd. Yet to me, coming from you, girlfriend is a 4 letter word. when I walk fishing for the words
i am wishing you would certainly say come me, I"m really only praying the the words you"ll shortly be saying can betray the way you feel around me. however to me, comes from you, friend is a 4 letter word.





WoW. A lot of of people are suggesting over Cake. This is sad, due to the fact that this isn"t what Cake is about in any means shape or form. Obviously these people are no at every interested in what Cake has done as Artists. Blinded shall run the planet in circles because that they will never have the ability to see your way.

I not think this track is around being friend zoned. I think it"s about wanting to method your friend to call them just how you feel but being worried the friendship will finish after friend tell them if lock dont feeling the very same way, or if the partnership goes south.

Hi all, what is your translate of the song? What is the 4 letter native ? Love ? end ? Is this a split ? Or someone gift friendzoned ?

For part reason, this song constantly sounded choose it might have been a No Doubt song. Nonetheless, i love Cake... I have actually their first four CDs.

Folks! This tune is never meant to be literal. Dig deep and find your own emotional connection. That"s just how art works. Feel it. Destruction it. Life is a garden.

"a four letter word" means that its an expletive that literally method your friendship doesn"t average shit. So its kinda literal.....

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Close. "A four letter word" is one expression that way bad or crude (lots the English curse words are four letters long). Therefore this track is about how calling someone your "friend" is disrespectful (because in this case, it"s friendzoning, also cowardly to just say "no").