Visitors come the hefty equipment classification for one yearThat sample is a working pattern. Visits spike on Monday, begin to drift a bit as the job-related week draws to a close, and dip on Saturday and also Sunday. The sample of a human being who works tough all week, and rests top top the weekends. Every week, every week, every year.

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Trucking is the lifeblood the the us economy, and also is tracking the pulse. 

Resolving password EEC 61

So, what keeps human being coming come v their heavy tools questions? Let’s take a look at one of the sessions to number it out.

The many visited inquiry in the hefty equipment classification starts with an error password on a Freightliner, password EEC 61. This is a long-distance trucker’s nightmare; hundreds of miles indigenous the nearest service, end a thousand mile from house base, and a van that may or might not do the drive.

The experienced in this session is bluextc89, a journeyman in commercial hydraulics repair v over 13 year of experience. He responds through the following information:

“EEC 61 is usually saying over there is a problem in the After-treatment control module. This is the module the engine offers for the after-treatment system. Your examine Engine Light, and/or your maintenance light will be on at the same time.

The maintain light is the light that looks prefer a solid yellow engine.

Make sure your DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank is 1/2 to FULL, you have a indicator on her fuel gauge through 4 green squares, this is her DEF level.

If her DEF gained low, it will certainly throw an EEC61, however you need to fill the DEF tank 1/2 complete or more. ~ you drive awhile, after 3 vital cycles that light have to go off. IF THIS IS THE PROBLEM.

If you carry out not fill it up, the Engine will certainly Derate come 25%, climate if you continue to drive, it will certainly derate you come 5 miles every hour.

This is simply a little bit of info, hopefully, it is just low of DEF.

If the truck to be low on wait pressure once you turn the van off, the DEF device performs a purge routine to clean the lines, if that does no detect air pressure, it will collection this also. 

It"s driveable unless you run into the DEF concern I detailed above. If you continue to have actually a problem, I imply taking it to the nearest dealer.”

The client is conveniently able to figure out which of the alternatives is the most likely culprit:

“Def 3/4...but...I acquired the maint. Irradiate after do the efforts for several minutes to relocate my the low air psi note rang most likely in my ears...If it is due to low waiting psi, will certainly the light go away after the third vital cycle? either way, very great answer...Thank you”

And it is why people keep come to; fast, reliable details that gets you ago on the roadway quickly.


consistent maintenance of your engine can assist prevent troubles later.


Freightliner van maintenance

Of course, no on-the-spot solution have the right to compare v not needing a fix in the first place. Keeping to a realistic maintenance schedule will aid you to minimization breakdowns by recording problems prior to they happen. You must refer to your owner’s manual to recognize the ideal maintenance and troubleshooting techniques for your make and model.

Before each long haul, be certain to check the following:

Check your oil level. Check her radiator and overflow bottle. Watch because that leaks! Test the air pressure in her tires. Check the fuel vent if the truck has actually been sitting for a few days. Watch out for vibration or squealing noises indigenous the brakes, and also have them confirm frequently.

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As a auto ages, you’ll desire to boost the frequency of maintain checks. If you start to record fines indigenous the FMCSA because that Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) violations, that a an excellent sign that you should rise the frequency that your maintain checks. 

If girlfriend do find yourself the end on a lengthy run, and also you encounter a problem like a Freightliner code EEC 61, the professionals on are available at any type of time to assist you with your heavy devices questions. As soon as you aren’t sure what your finest option is, the knowledgeable advice they carry out can help you determine if you have the right to push ahead, or if the time come take immediate action. 

What’s your worst on-the-road heavy equipment experience? you re welcome share it through us in the comment below.