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Is the conventional 3.0 V6 better or an ext reliable than the 24 Valve V6?I"ve got a 1998 Sable with the typical 3.0, looking at buying a 1999 Tauruswith the 24 valve engine.Never had actually one before.Opinions anyone?Thanks,Clava
the 12v vulcan 3.0 engine has been a an extremely relible engine for ford since it came out in 1986, that is just around grenade proof. Despite it lacks the horespower and giddy-up the DOHC 3.0 has. The is alot cheaper and also easier to occupational on and also parts space cheaper. However on the various other hand I"d to speak the DOHC 3.0 is among the best and also smoothes engine Fords put out in a while. Simply make sure as with any engine the the ahead owner took care of it. End head video camer engines don"t like missed oil changes they have to numerous moving parts. If you have any an ext questions fell complimentary to ask.
I noticed with my 04 Taurus w/ the vulcan, the it"s a dog out of the hole, however after you get the RPM"s up, it starts to pull pretty hard. It appears to have a narrow power band, however it is pretty an excellent running while it"s there.

Basic maintenance on a Duratec is not that hard. Granted, act spark plugs in the rear requires removal the the R. Next of the cowl yet thats not too hard. The Duratec is way better for power. The lot of power you acquire out of the Duratec at half throttle requires complete throttle on a Vulcan. Fuel economy is around even between the Vulcan and the Duratec. As lengthy as it was preserved you need to be fine. You will certainly not it is in disapointed through a Duratec.
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We got a 97 Taurus in September. I was real impressed with the strength of this car. Found out that it is the 24V 3.0. I think that would have outrun my 96 C1500 Silverado - it is pretty quick to me - I have actually wanted to race my brother-in-laws Maxima.
I"ve got a 95 Sable witht that Vulcan 3.0. Its obtained 177,000 mile on her and also still propelled daily. I"d prefer to see that sort of dependability in the 24v. Anyone obtained one?
Sense mine is a 24v DOHC SHO, that does not straight compare, but I have 182,000 miles of trouble totally free driving with it. The is a 93 Taurus.
137K miles on mine 3L 12V and still walking strong. Only uses around a quart that oil every 5K miles. I"d imagine the 24V would have much less room under the hood to work on things. If you arrangement on steering it right into the floor stick through the 12V.
No matter exactly how well the user reports seem to be, the higher the component count the reduced the reliability. Of course, this presume the same quality of engineering in both engines.Foggy

No matter exactly how well the user reports seem to be, the greater the part count the reduced the reliability. Of course, this suspect the same quality of design in both engines.Foggy
Normally, this just comes right into play as soon as oil transforms are neglected. Hardly ever does that happen on a religiously kept engine.
Master ASE Certified L1 Chrysler Technician- still a Ford pan at heart.1964 Thunderbird Hardtop- Chantily Beige- 390 FE 4V V81966 Thunderbird Convertible- Red- 390 FE 4V V8
if you are going come buy a taurus you won"t go very far. If you gain a manual changing gear is like moving a 3 story house and with the auto the cluch if far to rough.the engine is an excellent though
"Better" is loved one to the price. The Vulcan is early on 80"s technology improved native 140 hp come 155 hp. A simple and trustworthy Ford actors iron engine. The Duratec 30 DOHC is an every aluminum Porche style purchased through Ford/Cosgrove in the mid 90"s. Numerous times Wards optimal ten engines that the world winner for assorted dispacements. Latest 3.5.I have a 2005 Honda V6 and also a 2005 Sable LSP Duratec 30. Honda is one engine company with significantly better technology 보다 Ford.

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24V engine is a nice piece overall. I uncovered the 12V gave far better everyday livability as earlier 24V produced nearly the very same torque together the 12V at the time, but at higher rpm making it relocate a 2 ton vehicle a bit much more of a struggle, specifically when loaded. The 24V shines ~ above the highway and overall I have to say that although I can own a 12V, the 24V is much more sophisticated (er, up to date) an innovation wise, and also breathes far better at greater rpm. For better gas mileage, better low end torque (vs previously 24V engines), supposed that the 12V to be the engine because that me.Foggy"s bang ~ above too. More parts = more problems under the road. A great example is the irradiate duty diesel engine crowd: Cummins is the only LD manufacturer to market an inline 6 diesel engine when Ford and GM market V8"s which have actually 60% more moving parts and also their TBO (time prior to overhaul) is fifty percent of that of the Cummins. Through these 2 gas engines, it depends on how you drive and how an excellent you store up to date with regular maintenance.
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