A bad timing belt or time chain have the right to be a significant issue. If that jumps a tooth, or breaks totally it have the right to lead to irreversible engine damage. It’s crucial to understand the symptom of a negative timing belt or chain, therefore this doesn’t occur to your Ford Focus.

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Timing belts room made the end of rubber and also nylon, uneven a timing chain i m sorry looks a lot favor a bicycle chain. Here’s much more on a time chain vs a time belt. For every intents and purposes, they produce the exact same symptoms when they walk bad.

Timing belts room not the common. You’re much an ext likely to discover a timing chain in cars and also trucks 보다 belts. Smaller cars, an especially Japanese made ones, have the right to use time belts instead of a timing chain. They are most typically found on 4 cylinder engines.


Ford Focus: negative Timing Belt/Chain Symptoms

Here are several of the most usual signs the a negative timing belt top top the Ford Focus:

Noise– A great indication the a timing belt has gone bad is walking to be noise. There may be a sound the rubber beating against something. It’ll frequently be a turbulent rattling sound, and also it is regularly most remarkable right as soon as you start up your Focus. Performance Decrease– If the timing belt has actually jumped a couple of teeth, however hasn’t fallen or damaged off yet, it deserve to knock the engine out of time. The time belt is responsible for keeping the camshaft(s) in sync v the crankshaft. If the timing belt has moved, that means that the valves will open and close in ~ the not correct time. This will cause a performance decrease. It’s very likely the the engine is going to it is in misfiring as well. Loss the Fuel Mileage– Fuel mileage will certainly suffer once the engine is no longer kept in time. Glazing andDry-rot(Timing Belt Only)– If you are looking in ~ the Focus’stiming belt itself, inspect to watch if the belt is glossy. It must grip her finger together you easy brush across it. If the is slippery and dry, that is a great indication it can be poor as well. Check Engine Light– If the time chain or belt requirements replaced due to wear, yet hasn’t jumped a tooth, the company engine shortly light will not come on. But, if it has actually jumped, the check engine irradiate will an extremely likely come on. At the least, girlfriend should get some sort of misfire said codes.
A typical timing belt

Don’t overlook the Tensioner

The time tensioner can likewise go bad. The tensioners job is to store the right amount of push on her Ford Focus’s time belt or chain. Together the belt/chain stretches through normal operation, it would certainly get loosened and fall off or jump. The tensioner keeps this indigenous happening by keeping a continual amount of force on the belt. So, as the belt stretches it adjusts for this stretching. If the tensioner is no much longer keeping enough pressure on the time belt, it’ll cause it to fail.

If you room going to change the tensioner, make certain to swap the belt as well. It’s so tough to acquire to, and also timing belts/chains are fairly affordable. It’s simply the TIME the it would take girlfriend or her mechanic to obtain to it that’s the problem.

Conclusion: Ford emphasis Timing Chain Symptoms

Most manufacturers will recommend changing the time belt at 60k or 100k miles. Over there isn’t generally a service home window at all for the chains. Although, it have the right to vary. Whereby a lot of human being get into trouble is when they to buy a used auto with 100k no realizing the the belt organization is going to be immediately due.

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Good luck with your Focus. If there is anything the you would prefer to add, please leaving a comment below. We would certainly appreciate it.