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On mine 2003 emphasis estate 1.6, the former hub nuts space 32mm yet the rears are smaller. Space they 30mm or 28mm?Thanks

without the danger of sounding Commander obvious ....get all 3 size ready...Merry Cristmas...tee-hee-hee

Its 29mm on the rear and 32m on the former no need for no longer sizes 보다 that .Posted Via The free App

It wasn"t till I had actually the automobile up ~ above stands and also all the tools out that i realised the socket would certainly not fit over the nut. Although the word "nut" just loosely describes an item that looks like 4 or 5 thin nuts in a metal cage

Yet i would have actually put money on it gift 29mm , the strange the Ford change things without giving any an alert at all.Some of the pear fiitings on my mk 4.5 Mondeo are completely different to whats stated in the manual and even Haynes acquired it not correct too.So i guess they readjust the spec to fit them. :crazy:
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