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Hi,I newly purchased a 1973 Ford 3000 and found out it essential clutch replaced. In procedure it to be recommended I change input tower seals. So i drained transmission. Surprised that virtually 8 gallons come out. Had to scramble together my 5 gallon bucket was around to overflow. Was this overfilled or is the rear leaking right into the middle reservoir? What type of fluid do I use to refill the transmission, the hydraulic pump reservoir, and also the reservoir that residences the PTO? also what kind of engine oil and coolant? My double clutch had all 3 pto connecting web links broken and also laying in bottom of bellhousing

According to the owner"s manual, both the 6 and 8 rate transmissions top top a 3000 should take 13.4 U.S. Quarts, i m sorry is a small under 4.5 gallons, so it was certainly overfilled. Over there is a opportunity that the seals between the behind end and also the transmission are leaking that might account for part overfill, yet not that much, together the rear shouldn"t be filled the high either.There is no different reservoir for the PTO. The sump for the fluid for the 3 point hydraulics is the rear axle, so the fluid likewise lubricates the differential and also rear axle. The PTO column passes through the rear axle hosing together well, so the gets lubricated through the very same fluid.The current recommendation for liquid for the transmission and also rear axle for her tractor is a an excellent Universal Tractor/Trans/Hydraulic fluid (UTF) that meets or over the Ford/New Holland M2C134D specification. Any type of fluid the meets that spec must say therefore on the label. I use the Traveller Premium UTF the they sell at Tractor Supply.As for engine oil, the original recommendation to be either a right or multi-weight oil the the referral for the specific weights varied based on expected approximately temperatures. This days many folks use a good C (diesel) rated multi-weight oil through a wide range, choose 15W-40.If yours has a gasoline engine climate any an excellent anti-freeze/coolant must be fine. If it has a diesel engine, you should go with one that has the air conditioning in the to avoid cavitation, or to buy the conditioner additive separately and also mix that yourself, yet you should obtain the check strips if mix it yourself to make sure it"s blended at the appropriate strength.

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