“Feed The Birds” was written for the film mar Poppins. Songwriter Robert Sherman has stated it was Walt Disney’s favorite song of all time.The song’s underlying an interpretation has… read More 

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Early each day to the procedures of St. Paul'sThe small old bird mrs comesIn her own special method to the human being she calls\"Come, buy mine bags complete of crumbs.\"Come feed the small birds, show them you careAnd you'll be glad if friend doTheir young ones room hungry, their colonies are for this reason bareAll the takes is tuppence from youFeed the birds, tuppence a bagTuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag\"Feed the birds,\" that's what she criesWhile overhead, she birds fill the skiesAll roughly the cathedral the saints and also apostlesLook under as she sells her waresAlthough friend can't see it, you know they are smilingEach time someone shows that that caresThough she words are simple and fewListen, listen, she's calling to you:\"Feed the birds, tuppence a bagTuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag.\"
“Feed The Birds” was created for the film Mary Poppins. Songwriter Robert Sherman has proclaimed it was Walt Disney’s favorite tune of every time.

The song’s underlying an interpretation has to do with offering up your riches in order to assist one in need — among the many lessons mar Poppins teaches the children.


Indiani (A caval donando) by Elio e le Storie Tese (Ft. Maurizio Crozza) & Tuppence a Bag (Pre-Demo) by Walt Disney records (Ft. Richard M. Sherman)
Feed The birds (Tuppence A Bag) by Original London actors of mary Poppins (Ft. Julian Sutton & Laura Michelle Kelly) & Medley four (\"All Innocent youngsters Had far better Beware\") by Various Artists (Ft. Betty Carter, Bill Frisell, Garth Hudson, NRBQ, The Replacements & Wayne Horvitz)

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