Is that a video game mechanic so that players that loot dead Brotherhood bodies because that their strength armor previously in-game? Or walk it have some really lore affiliated through it?


Gameplay reasons. In autumn 1 & 2 you're not going come stumble upon strength armor early on in the game, it's every placed fairly far in. In fallout 3 strength armor is an ext easily acquirable, specifically with the players assistance of the Brotherhood that Steel. Power Armor training is favor an invisible wall to save you from getting the best armor in the game very early on. Since it's an open world Bethesda had actually to come up with some sort of story factor to avoid players from obtaining power armor, just like Interplay's placing the farther in the world.

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Yep, its sole objective is for gating the player's armor progression. Personally, I prefer the means Sawyer walk it, in the the strength armor deserve to be worn there is no the perk, yet you obtain much bigger penalties to agility and the armor isn't self-wearing (doesn't have actually a lug weight bonus once equipped).

Not necessarily. An initial thing I constantly do in autumn 2 is beeline directly for Navarro and also get yelled in ~ by the drill sergeant for being out of uniform.

To expand on this, ns assumed it to be their method of addressing the infamous power armor exploit in fallout 2. You could rush Navarro base, walk in and get strength armor as shortly as you come out that Arroyo Village. That made the at an early stage game pretty lot a cake walk.

Because salvageable armor wasn't a thing until F3. The armor was destroyed when you eliminated someone.

With F3, you had actually Outcast patrols wandering the wasteland. Mine very first playtgrough I uncovered a dead patrol near Vault 101- for this reason that's power armor just laying on the ground because that a level 3 character.

In F2, if you were happy you can pick up the armor and win the game within 30 minutes.

So, because that balance factors mostly, beginning with F3, you essential to gain the perk in a search that's far down the storyline.

In FO1/2, there were a variety of Power armor training manuals lying roughly that don't carry out anything. I daresay the it was going to it is in a thing but got scrapped at part point.

In FOT, you were part of the BOS so yeah.

I constantly thought girlfriend should be able to put the on without the training however have it alleviate your stats and slows you down to an end encumbered walk.

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Well, there's a mode for that, written by among the devs

With power armour training, you gain the complete benefits that the armour, and it weighs nothing (because it's..well..powered)