The creator that Fairy Tail is no stranger to pan service, yet Hiro Mashima may have actually taken things too far the various other day. Taking to society media, the artist determined to teach pan the best way to attract a pair kissing, and that wasn"t also strange because that him come do. But as netizens conveniently realized Mashima was making use of Natsu and Lucy together his test subjects, things began riling up prior to a rather unexpected roadblock acquired in the shippers" way.

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The entirety thing began when Mashima posted a series of sketches to Twitter. It was there the Fairy Tail artist stated he want to show fans step by step just how couples must be drawn kissing. He began his lesson through a look at a rough lay out of a man and also woman embracing one another... Yet the 2nd sketch riled increase fans together they realized who the couple was.


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hiro_mashima) might 23, 2020

The next photo added some details to the blank forms which reveal their true identity. It transforms out the couple includes Natsu and also Lucy who room looking very intimate here. Natsu is hold Lucy close come his chest v an arm around her top back. As for the heroine, she is leaning right into her lengthy time friend for a kiss v her eyes closed, and also Natsu is ready to oblige her.

Just before the two can finally kiss, Mashima made sure to enraged fans prior to stopping the couple. In the end, the artist turned Natsu and Lucy into a different pair who most absolutely don"t desire to kiss. As you can see in the slides below, fans space surprised by the last minute switch, yet they should have expected nothing much less from Mashima. His love for NaLu is there is no compare, however the Fairy Tail creator loves teasing fans about whether or no the pair will ever come to be canon.

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