Sena Kobayakawa (Japanese: ??? ??, Hepburn: Kobayakawa Sena), frequently referred to just as Sena (??), is a fictitious character who is the protagonist in the manga and anime series Eyeshield 21, produced by Riichiro Inagaki and also Yusuke Murata. In the series, he is a first-year Japanese high-school student who becomes a gofer to stop being bullied. His running capacity improves and he is i found it by Yoichi Hiruma, the American football team"s captain, that gets the to sign up with the Deimon evil one Bats together the team"s running back under the name "Eyeshield 21". Sena has showed up in various other media native the series, including video clip games, original video animations (OVAs) and also light novels.

When he produced a protagonist come the series, Inagaki intended to develop a "wimp" that is a good athlete, then he determined the collection main theme, American football, and also eventually created Sena. In the 2003 anime OVA which preceded the anime series, that is voiced through Romi Park; however, she was replaced by Miyu Irino in the 2005 Japanese anime television series. In the English adaptation, the is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Sena has actually been well obtained by manga and anime publications. Merchandise has actually been developed for the character, including action figures, cosplay pieces and also resin and ceramic statues.

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Development and voice portrayal

When Inagaki to be planning the Eyeshield 21 series, he want to produce a "protagonist the was wimpy in ~ the beginning, yet can perform outstandingly in a sporting activities game"; indigenous this premise, he choose American football together the main theme, eventually producing Sena. Inagaki has said the he is a fan of the St. Louis Rams and Marshall Faulk (a running earlier on the Rams). Inagaki claimed that seeing how Faulk ran influenced him to develop the character. He made decision Sena"s name together an homage come the Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna.

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In the very first adaptation the the Eyeshield 21 manga, a 2003 run Festa OVA titled The Phantom gold Bowl, he to be voiced by voice actress Romi Park. The subsequently adaptation, however, carry out not provided Park quite Miyu Irino was liked to it is in Sena"s voice actor. Kokoro Kikuchi provided his voice when his younger self. In the English dubbing, the function has to be played through Yuri Lowenthal.

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In Eyeshield 21

Because the his diminutive stature and also weak appearance, Sena is bullied by his classmates in major school; that is defended by Mamori Anezaki, his only friend. A new student, Riku Kaitani, teaches Sena exactly how to outsprint his tormentors. Sena offers his running ability to it is in a gofer, which enables him to boost his running and dodging ability. Soon after entering an elderly high institution Sena is coerced into playing American football by Yoichi Hiruma, that recognizes Sena"s running capability and forces him to sign up with the American football club, the Deimon devil Bats. To conceal his identity Sena and to save him from being recruited by various other teams, Sena put on a green eyeshield and Hiruma picks the alias "Eyeshield 21" after a well known Japanese athlete in the unified States.

The Deimon evil one Bats get in the feather tournament; they lose to the Ojo White Knights, however Sena decides to continue to be on the team since he find it fun. Castle train because that the fall tournament, hope to be the finest team in Tokyo and breakthrough to the Kanto tournament and also the Christmas key (between the best high-school American football teams in Japan). In spite of Hiruma"s desire to save the identity of Eyeshield 21 a secret, Sena discover his identification to his teammates once they space training in the joined States. He later on reveals his identity to Mamori and also everyone versus Bando Spiders, when Hayato Akaba claims to be Eyeshield 21. Sena ultimately beats Akaba, explain the location of Eyeshield 21. At the Kanto tournament, after defeating Shinryuji Naga, his rival Ojo White Knights" Seijuro Shin, and also the Hakushu Dinosaurs, Sena is the tournament"s MVP and also the adversary Bats win the opportunity to pat in the Christmas Bowl.

In the huge game, Sena proves his right to the name by beating Takeru Yamato--the initial Eyeshield 21--and win the championship. ~ winning the Christmas Bowl, Sena is asked to create a nationwide team through Monta, Yamato and Taka Honjo. The four split up to uncover players for a Japanese team for the worldwide Youth American football tournament. They breakthrough to the finals versus the U.S., and also the video game ends in a tie. Two years later, Sena plays because that Notre Dame in the U.S. Throughout the last half of his critical year in Deimon. He returns to Japan to to visit Enma College, opposing some of his former teammates (students at other colleges) together they complete to beat in the Rice bowl (the game between the finest college American-football teams).

In various other media

Sena has made several appearances external the Eyeshield 21 anime and also manga. He shows up in both of the original video animations created for the series: helping the Deimon evil one Bats to loss the Uraharajuku Boarders in the gold Bowl in the an initial OVA, and surviving on a desert island (after Hiruma pipeline him and also his teammates to train) in the second. Together the series" location character, Sena is playable in every Eyeshield 21 games. This usually feature the manga"s initial story, yet Eyeshield 21: Devilbats Devildays features other storylines. In Eyeshield 21: Max evil one Power!, Sena have the right to play because that teams other than the evil one Bats. He likewise appears in the crossover games Jump at sight Stars and also Jump ultimate Stars as a sustaining character.



The character of Sena has actually been well got by manga readers and as the series continued he went on to come to be one the the most popular characters amongst the Eyeshield 21 reader base, having actually consistently put near the peak of the Weekly Sh?nen run character popular polls the the series. In the first poll he placed first, and 2nd in two others (behind Hiruma). He was additionally chosen through the readers the one who would victory a "Stars Showdown" against Seijuro Shin, and also the finest running earlier in the series. In one interview, Miyu Irino said around Sena: "he deserve to be pathetic and also weak" however "in situation of emergency" Sena deserve to be "incredibly cool". Merchandise based upon his character has actually been released, including action figures, cosplay pieces and resin and also ceramic statues.

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Several publication for manga and also anime have actually commented on Sena"s character. Ain"t the Cool News" Scott environment-friendly qualified Sena together "a quite likable put upon hero and also visually exciting lead". Carlo Santos of Anime News Network (ANN) detailed Sena fell into "the archetypal sh?nen protagonist" and also "the underdog that falls and gets increase over and over again" mold, yet praised Sena, calling that "the polar opposite of those talkative, obnoxious, up-and-at-"em heroes that populate so many other series". Creating for, Jarred Pine additionally called Sena an archetypical character, but detailed him together a "very likeable" character. Jaw praised his debut, saying the it "was a memorable one, together it was both intense and also hilarious". Later, he proclaimed that a lead you have the right to cheer for is essential to a sports manga, commenting the Sena "fills that duty quite well." The contrast with "Sena"s hard effort and Hiruma"s trickery and devilish nature" was additionally praised by Pine. His doormat qualities was at first "worrying" follow to Manga Life"s Kevin Hill who said he came to be "far an ext likeable" as soon as he meets up Hiruma and Kurita. Zac Bertschy the ANN stated that Sena, "unlike so numerous other sh?nen sporting activities heroes, stops moping around and doubting himself and generally do the efforts his damndest"; that is "introspective, kind, and also resourceful, something many sh?nen heroes can"t case by the third volume the their corresponding series". Chris Homer of The Fandom Post likewise shared the emotion that Sena is a "typical protagonist", however remarked exactly how he establishes into a more confident character, i m sorry "is vital to the series" and makes the "a much more than agree protagonist".