Jim's gift because that Della (Situational Irony)

Because we only follow Della’s search to purchase Jim a Christmas present, we room shocked to discover that Jim has actually gifted Della a beautiful, expensive collection of tortoise combs for Christmas. The shock of the gift-reveal intensifies as soon as Della realizes that she cannot use the combs on her new, brief haircut. Situational irony thus saturates Jim’s gift offering: we do not suppose Jim to have already purchased together a costly existing for Della, nor do we mean Della"s very own sacrifice to nullify the usefulness of the gift. The “plot twist” reinforces the reciprocity and also generosity central to Della and also Jim’s relationship: both marriage partners have actually deemed Christmas presents together worthy way to externalize your love for each other.

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Jim and Della's mutual sacrifice (Situational Irony)

The situational irony the the closing moments of the story deepens as soon as Jim admits that he offered his clock to afford the combs. This additional abrupt outcome or “twist” further defies readers’ and also the couple’s expectations. Both Della and Jim had intended their sacrifices to an outcome in the offering of presents with tangible and also intangible worth: the presents would stand for their meeting to and admiration because that each other, while likewise serving as worthy, helpful accessories to every of their particular prized possessions. Since Della cannot use combs ~ above her quick hair, and also Jim no longer owns a clock to attach the strap to, neither of their presents can be provided for your intended purposes, in order to subverting the couple"s, and also the reader"s, expectations. The irony unearths the futility the the couple"s sacrifice: if lock hadn’t given up their particular beloved possessions, their presents would have actually remained practical and usable.

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One important facet in O. Henry"s, The Gift of the Magi, is his usage of allusion.... Recommendations to well-known people, places, events, or imaginative works. As soon as the narrator explains Della"s hair and also Jim"s watch, the alludes to the Bible: "Had the...

Sevaral passages in the Story give subtle clues about jim.Identify at least three passages the reveal aspects of jim's character and also exolain their meaning

This is only a short-answer an are but i can offer you a general comment on Jim. Jim is a loving husband. We understand this not because he gives up a possession he treasures in bespeak to offer his mam something she dearly wants, but due to the fact that he is so...

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How carry out you think Della readjusted from the start of the story come the end?

I think the Della is in reality a pretty revolution character an interpretation she doesn"t change. Della is the main character in the story, in that she is the one whom we pertained to know the best. Therefore what carry out we yes, really learn around her from together a brief...

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